Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Agenda

School is officially out and I have so much that I want, and plan, to do over my summer weeks.


If you are wondering about how the interview went... it went good.  I have semi-good-news.  It's still up in the air and that's makes it so very hard for me to rest mentally.  There are a few things that have to play out and because of that I can't share anything here yet.  I realize that God already knows the outcome, but will you pray for me as I wait for Him to reveal that to me?

Because of that - I have put all of my school projects on hold.  I'm mentally preparing to stay in Marshall, but I just can't prepare anything since nothing is official.


My photography "business" has picked up the past few weeks.  I did my sisters bridal portraits; just finished editing them tonight!  We took about 500 pictures and mom, thankfully, narrowed it down to 21 favorites.  That made it so much easier to edit!  Five hundred is a bit overwhelming!!

I did a photoshoot with Mark's brothers family at my favorite location yet!  Have to edit those this week!  And then I have two more shoots planned this summer! 

It is so neat, and encouraging, for me to look back over all my pictures and see how much i've learned.  I plan to organize all of the "office" stuff for my photography this summer so that it saves time when I have shoots during the school year!  When I get married I really want an office to house all my photography stuff - why does that excite me?!


When I entered college I was a Music Major with a Vocal Scholarship.  I knew that I wanted to sing and that was about it.  Strangely, I never felt secure with that degree.  What would I do with it?  My biggest dream is to lead worship, but I don't need a piece of paper to do that.  So after two years I switched majors.

I always kind of felt that the Lord would open that door eventually.  And He has... in what some would consider small ways, but so very big for me.  To me it doesn't matter the venue, I just love worship!

I lead worship for a women's event back in November and now I am leading worship every Monday night for The Landing; the youth section of Celebrate Recovery - a program to help people overcome hurts, habits, and hang ups.  And that seemed like a huge run-on. 

So the agenda... I am incharge of designing a shirt, helping with publicity, and then of course, worship.  I'm hoping to plan a few weeks in advance (kind of as a spring-board of ideas for the future) and save them, again, to help when the school year starts again. 


and then my sweet man :) 

It's been about four years since I have actually claimed to be in a relationship.  I've gone on dates here and there, but nothing official.  Mark and I have been dating for about 6 months now and I am so thankful for him.  He supports and encourages me like no one else.  He challenges me to be more productive simply by being his normal 30 year old productive self.  He makes me laugh straight from the belly every single time we are together.  And he fits in with my family as if he were already a member. 

So on the agenda for us is to continue to pray for our relationship - to seek the Lord's will and timetable.  We are in the process of reading the bible through and just recently switched Sunday School classes so that we could attend one together. 

There it is... my agenda and life as of now.

Thank You, Lord, for seasons where everything seems to just fit.  I know there are difficult seasons, but I am thankful for seasons of "spring and summer".  Thank You for holding my life in Your hands... for carrying out Your plans for me.  I have waited many years for some of these dreams to play out and I am so thankful for learning about You each step of the way.  I wouldn't change any of it!  You are good!  Be with the outcome of school for next year - You know my desire, but I trust Your plan.  Be with CR and all the students who walk through those doors.  Continue to guide Mark and I - we want You to be the center and foundation for our relationship!  We can't do it without You!  I love you so very much! In the specific, powerful name of Jesus.