Monday, October 31, 2011

Sneak Peek - Maternity Edition

I'm in the process of editing maternity pictures of my gorgeous, pregnant friend Kayla! She won't agree with me on this, but she is seriously one of the prettiest people i've met! I just love her!

It is taking me a while to edit all her pictures, not because there are really that many, simply because life could not be any busier right now! This might work out to her benefit though because the more I sit and look, the more ideas I get and changes I make to the pictures!

So... I leave you tonight with a little Sneak Peek into our photoshoot together! This picture doesn't do justice to her cute lil' belly! The rest of the pictures show off Lil' Miss Laney Jewel!! Guess you'll just have to come back and see the rest later!!

Isn't she just beautiful?!

Love you sister!!! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Carter Ray - Photo Shoot

Had my first little "session" with a soon to be two year old today!

Below are my favorites!!

This next one is def in the top 3!

And peace out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Pun Intended

It's been a while since i've posted, but i'm making time tonight because.... well, just because.

My students finally reached ten compliments today! It only took us, what, nine weeks?! Three of the points were earned today within 3 minutes of each other. Hmm... oooooh what happens when you actually work towards a goal!

A prize is always given when you reach ten compliments! Then, of course, we start over to receive some more! So, with all of that said... we had a good ole stinkin' time this afternoon! ;)

I'm not sure why it's such a thrill to take off your shoes at school, but they absolutely love it! The scentsy was packed full of some yummy-ness before one sneaker was allowed to come off because hello.... feet.

My to do list is quite full so i'm going to cut this short tonight, but before I go I'm going to admit that I need some prayers. Life is going 90 to nothing it feels like and the negativity of school (plus stress from being pulled in one million directions) has taken over. I would truly appreciate any prayers for this school year and all the many other activities God has placed in my life currently (plus an unspoken). You might as well throw in my future husband because he clearly aint in a hurry (kidding)!

Hope you are well!! Love.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jordan - Casie Engagement

Alrighty people! In my last post I promised to post my favorites from my photoshoot with my sister and her fiance! So i've thought... and here they are! We started out at Jordan's parents house. They have quite a bit of land, a pond, hay bells, and the old truck (pictured above) that Casie and jordan went to prom in their Senior Year. Have I mentioned they are High School Sweethearts? That is very sweet, if you ask me. Then, we moved downtown to use some of the old walls...

We only had an hour to shoot so we did the best we could! It was truly a blast! Really think it helped that we are all so very close to begin with. I know it helped this very ameteur photographer feel comfortable behind the camera.... especially trying lots of new ideas!
Casie and Jordan, thank you for allowing me to capture some very sweet moments with you guys! I know I say it alot (possibly still not enough) but I love both of you and am so blessed to have you guys in my life! The evening was so much fun (and great practice) and you were both way more fabulous than you acted like you'd be! :) Love you so so so very much!

Sneak Peek

Yesterday evening was packed full of celebrations!

My best friend from high school, Mary, moved back home a few weeks ago from Philadelphia and her wedding is getting very close. Now that she is back in town we finally got to have her engagement party. So glad she is back!

My lovely bff, Kayla, found out the sex of the "golden nugget" at her reveal party last night! That was a very neat thing to experience! When the pinada was busted pink confetti went everywhere! So sweet!

Jordan came in town for Casie's birthday and they let me practice taking engagement pictures on them! We had so much fun! It really helped that we are all three already so very close and comfortable with each other! I'll post my favorites later.... I have to think for a few days before I decide which ones to post so that I don't overload you! For now you'll just have to enjoy the sneak peek picture above!!! :)

Have a great, restful day!