Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Well, it's official...

I have an interview tomorrow.  At 1:45 to be exact.  Which is a way random time if you ask me.  Why not like 1:30 or 2:00 to even it out?

But really that's besides the point because.... I HAVE AN INTERVIEW!

I am so stinkin' excited!!!

There is a little piece of me that never saw this coming and never thought it would actually happen and so the thrill of it actually coming to is just neat-oh!  And now I realize that since i've told you about having an interview you will also hear about whether or not it came through.  Which is also free-ing.  What a way to let go of a little insecurity by blaring your business for all to hear! 

The outcome is in God's hands!  I truly believe and trust that!  I'm just super-pumped about the interview right now!

And before you go blaring anything on my facebook, I would appreciate it if it just stays here on the blog.  I realize this is a public place and any of my fb friends can get this link, but really and truly I don't see that happening.  I think most of my followers that read on a regular basis are non-facebook people.  So check back here if you are wondering about results or anything - instead of asking questions or posting on facebook!  I'd appreciate that mucho!

In my last post I mentioned alot about how my middle name is so not change, but that I prefer to stay nice and comfortable.  Well, i'm realizing that change is good for me.  Change often grabs the hand of Challenge and brings her along also.  And well, who doesn't like a challenge every now and then?

So packing up and moving isn't so much a bad thing for the third time in a row.  Especially when you get a thrill from organizing, decorating, and arranging furniture.  I'll be much more motivated to get things done in my classroom since it's a "new" place.

Oh.... I forgot to tell yall....

This is the sad part about the change.

The other day I was taking down all of my bulletin boards and posters in my classroom so that I could pack away my cute letters my mother made for me.  Those took her hours to make so you best believe i'm re-using them. 

I had a Birthday Graph with all my students birthdays as well as mine and any other support staff at the school. It was very easy for me to rip off their names and throw them in the trash, but when I got to Miss Kilgore and Nurse Kilgore.... almost bawled my eyes out.

You see, mom and I have had the priviledge of working together for the past three years.  A priviledge that i'm going to miss so very much.  I don't need her in order to function at work by any means.  I'm just incredibly blessed to be able to not only live with my mother, sing with my mother, lead worship with my mother, but also work with my mother.  In a world where so many families are ripped apart, I am truly thankful to have such a good relationship with my mom.  Not many people can work with their mother on a daily basis.  I am blessed.

So that is going to be the hardest part of this "new step". 

No more of people getting confused on who to call on the intercom, or who to send the email to, or which box is Nurse Kilgore's and which box is regular Kilgore's.  No more kids asking me if I'm Nurse Kilgore's daughter and why we have the same name.  Speaking of - Mark and I went to a water park this weekend and a parent came up to me and asked, "Are you Nurse Kilgore's daughter?"  See... no more of that.  :(

I enjoy seeing her face every day.  I enjoy sitting with her at lunch.  I enjoy sharing all of my children's successes with her almost instantly after they happen. 

It will be bittersweet.

We are both facing a change.  She is moving also.  So pray for both of us if you don't mind.  Mom as she is being forced to move and learn a new job.  And me as I interview and then figure out where the Lord wants me.

Wednesday. 1:45.

Thanks. And peace :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Capturing Moments

Here are the links to the three new posts I put up this afternoon...

Maddox Portraits
Maggie Portraits

Please give any feedback as I always wish to know what others think/want when it comes to my pictures!  It can only help me to get better - which in turn works out better for youuuuu (my "clients")!  Thanks a ton!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

All Crazy-Like

My life is crazy yall!

I forget how stinkin' busy April and May are each year.  Schedules get packed beyond what you thought was possible and somehow you wake up and it's June. 


Let me just give you a quick update on all that is/has been going on lately.

April 24 - Mark turned 30. I know he totally looks eighteen, twelve with a hat on, but yes - he turned 30!  I told him i'm going to have to start answering him "sir" since he is such a man now.  We went to a Dallas Mavericks Game and had wonderful seats very close to the floor.  Then we had a crawfish boil with his family, my family, and a few of his friends the next evening.

April 28 - I took pictures of 8 month old twins and I can.not. wait to show you how precious they were/are.  They were so content!  I was concerned about whether or not they would try to crawl all over the place and if they would scream at this stranger with a camera all up in their space, but they were perfect!  Life has seriously been so busy that what usually takes me a week to edit has taken me a whole month.  I'll post pictures as soon as i'm finished with them!

May 5 - My sister graduated from college on my 25th birthday.  We celebrated both by touring the Parade of Homes.... okay so maybe that wasn't a big celebration for everyone, but i'm counting it as one because hello I love to look at peoples homes.  I'm the kind of person that walks in and immediately wants a tour and then I start laying out your furniture in my head.  I just love to see how people decorate and etc.. back to the big weekend.  We celebrated by going to the lake for a nice boat ride.  And then we had dinner at a restaraunt on the lake. (Am I the only person who struggles with spelling that word - the place where you eat food?)

May 7 - We had our first night of Celebrate Recovery.  Which is another post entirely in itself.  More later.

May 12 - We had a family reunion in Pineville, Louisiana.  It's the first one in like fifteen years.  And I was reminded how very awakward I am in big groups and I wanted to just sit in my little lawn chair and be content.  No really, we had a good time!  It's always a little bit weird meeting all these people who are in your family yet with whom you aren't real familair. But yet, when you leave there is a strange connection and sadness because, well, you are family.

May 19 - We (Mom, Dad, Casie, Mark, and I) loaded the truck and made the long trek to Lubbock.  We arrived just as the sun was starting to set and man was it beautiful!  No trees to block the gorgeous view.  Just endless nothingness. Beautiful nothingness!  We toured the Texas Tech campus on  Saturday (where I took tons of pictures of the pretty flowers, trees, and old buildings) and went to Jordan's graduation that afternoon.  Somehow we managed to get back in the car, feeling a little crazy-like from all the hours we had just spent in there what seemed like moments before, and headed home.

And now we reach today... End of the Year parties were today and tomorrow is the last day of school!  Of course, we have small groups until June 5th, but that's a breeze compared to forcing a classroom full of six and seven year olds to stay inside when their bodies are screaming for Summer. 

We are wrapping up the end of another school year and yet again, changes.  This girl who really likes comfort and not so much change is facing changes at the end of her third school year in a row.  I go from aide, to moving into the classroom, to almost getting moved to another school but instead just moving classrooms, to this year.... a spontaneous offer to interview in another district and another offer to move schools in my current district.  I felt the change coming long ago, but never sought it out.  Apparently you don't have to because it'll find you. 

If there is going to be change I prefer the forced kind where you only have one option.  Of course that's not how it's happening this year.  Right now there are possibly two options i'm faced with and well, that terrifies me because i'm such a perfectionist when I make decisions.  I will overanalyze until I have made myself sick, instead of resting in the One who knows the plans for my life.

So pray for me in the upcoming week as I interview and then make a final decision.

Mark is so very good for me when it comes to things like this.  He encourages me to no end and supports me like no one ever has.  He understands that I may be a little crazy and indecisive, but accepts me anyways.  And when I get completely emotional about making a decision he reminds me that God still loves me in the midst of my crazy and that we have choice in life.  Sometimes two doors are open and it's okay to choose the one that we have wanted all of our lives.

I'll let you know what happens.

Here's to summer months when, hopefully, i'll be able to write more often!!  :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photo Update

Spent some time this week trying to update my photography blog.  Lots of these photoshoots were a "first" for me;  First time to do engagement, maternity, toddlers, family, etc..  If you care to look, here are the updates....

Engagement pictures with Jordan and Casie
Carter Ray - Toddler Portraits
Shirley Family
Maternity Pictures with Kayla
The Jones Girls - three sisters

Just in case you are wondering, I only take pictures once every two months or so.  It's simply a hobby that I enjoy doing whenever an opportunity arises and I have time!  This blog has become a place for me to come and look at the progression of photos as I've learned different things with each shoot.  Hope you enjoy them as well!