Sunday, May 13, 2012

Photo Update

Spent some time this week trying to update my photography blog.  Lots of these photoshoots were a "first" for me;  First time to do engagement, maternity, toddlers, family, etc..  If you care to look, here are the updates....

Engagement pictures with Jordan and Casie
Carter Ray - Toddler Portraits
Shirley Family
Maternity Pictures with Kayla
The Jones Girls - three sisters

Just in case you are wondering, I only take pictures once every two months or so.  It's simply a hobby that I enjoy doing whenever an opportunity arises and I have time!  This blog has become a place for me to come and look at the progression of photos as I've learned different things with each shoot.  Hope you enjoy them as well!

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Put A Ring on Me said...

keep nice photos coming :)