Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Evening

Today has been a pretty productive day. I set my alarm for 8 am with my To-Do-List all written out, complete with time slots for each of the things i had planned to accomplish through out the day.

At a quarter til' 11 I finally rolled out of bed... i know.

Despite my lazy attitude I managed to get out of bed and get started on everything i'd planned on doing.

I spent some time reading His word which was a huge bite today. The passage in Romans 9 where Paul speaks about the glory of the Lord.... how He chose some for good and some for evil, and who are we to ask why He made us this way? Either way He did it for the sake of His own glory to be displayed. It can be so hard to understand at times.

Then i ate breakfast, and/or lunch, and then cleaned off the counters and loaded the dishwasher.

I begged my sister to make a trip to Walmart with me. She agreed only if I would let her shower first. While she showered i loaded the washer n dryer, folded clothes, took them to their proper rooms, made my bed, cleaned up my room, and managed to get dressed n ready by the time she was done.

We headed to Wally World in the cold with our list of items to purchase. Casie wanted an air freshener for her car, so we stood there sniffing all the options for a few minutes until she found one she wanted. Then i saw one that dad would love so I decided to get it for him.... to which my sister said, "we gotta get mom one too". We picked a nice pretty one for her too and then moved on to the food side of walmart to finish up our shopping.

On our way home we stopped by the mall so I could get my eye brows done for the first time in ummm, let's see.... well i'm not exactly sure, but over a year. It takes very little to please my mother. Obviously! She teared up when she saw that I had taken the time to get my eye brows done.

Walmart had ZERO bananas so we had to make a quick stop at Brookshire's. Then it was home at last, home at last.

I unpacked all the groceries, made some piggies n a blanket, made the dry bowl for the banana bread that i planned to make later in the evening, printed off my lesson for tomorrow, and cleaned/re-organized my bathroom towel cabinet.

Mom and Dad left for the Lake yesterday evening, but Casie and I decided to stay here for a few days and then head out later. I was asked to sing at the Rodeo tonight and also get to teach Sunday School in the morning. It will save gas and time if we wait and head out later. Mom n Dad met us for dinner and then we all headed to the Rodeo. It's always a terrifying experience - such a foriegn place for me. haha. The smell is delicious! Not. I always mentally go through my wardrobe, "what do i have that is SLIGHTLY cowboy-ish so that i don't look like a total nerd tonight?" For some reason I picked a brown themed outfit. I'm not sure why I picked brown.... maybe because there's a lot of dirt and poop and brown horses n cows? It was all i had to work with. K? No cowboy hat, no wranglers, no boots... just a brown shirt n jacket, blue-jeans, with brown n pink shoes, and some big brown earrings.

Most places i'm asked to sing I'm hidden away in some sort of pressbox... not the Rodeo. I have to climbed over the rails, walk through the mud while smelling all the poo, go through the gate, and walk out and stand inside the rink. (is it rink or ring?) So glad it's over!

The (pa)rents headed back to the lake and Casie and i settled in at home. I heated the oven and made me some banana bread to take to the lake. And since I wanted all the dishes to be clean before we left, I went ahead and made breakfast for the morning. The dishwasher is now loaded and running. yay! I'll unload it in the morning.

I plan to do a little cleaning before we leave tomorrow afternoon so that mom can come home to a nice clean house once the 'break' is over.

I know this post was extremely boring and i apologize for that.... but if you've managed to stay with me until now you must be pretty bored too? Go find something better to do! I'm headed to bed!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Lesson Plan

I've been up all night working on an assignment for my Music for Elementary Education class. We were instructed to create a homemade instrument and identify how we can use that instrument to teach or reinforce one or more concepts from our content area. Since this is an education class most of the students have a specific content area, but i'm simply here for fun (or maybe because i need the extra credit and hours to graduate) so i get to choose which subject i would like to teach.

The whole point of this class is to teach/inform (future) teachers how they can use music in their (math, reading, science, history) lessons and activities. I've really been amazed at all that i'm learning in this class - it's exciting!

I've told you many many times that i really love to plan, organize, and make lists... well this activity has been right up my alley. We have to write out a lesson plan and pretty much act as if we were getting up to teach this tomorrow. I'm more excited about working by myself and creating this lesson rather than (pulling it off) or teaching it.

I decided to take the song 'The Ants Go Marching' and try to incorporate a math lesson for Kindergarteners. The student will be expected to count from 1-20. We'll be doing it through this song which means they have no time to hesitate because there will be a steady beat. Did you catch the musical element in there?

We'll have a brief ART activity and create a homemade instrument (i chose to create a tambourine, but you can do anything simple for your students- like egg shakers = marraccas). After that you will start singing the song and the 'ants' (your students) will march around the room keeping the beat with their instruments.

The ants go marching one by one hooray hooray....

The students will add a student each time/verse (starting off with one) so that the number of ‘ants’ marching corresponds with the song. You will continue until all the 'ants' in your class are involved and marching.

Most classrooms have about 20 students which means by the end of the song your students will have successfully counted from 1 to 20.

We (especially children) learn by seeing, hearing, and moving. That's why a lot of preschool and kindergarten activities are hands-on. This lesson incorporates all three of those - which according to my professor is what we are going for. They are hearing -singing the song and counting outloud, seeing - 1 ant 2 ants 3 ants, and moving - marching around the room while keeping the beat.

You can also use this song (in a music classroom) to teach your students what a REST is. 'The ants go marching one by one hooray hooray, the ants go marching one by one hooray hooray, the ants go marching one by one the little one STOPS to suck his thumb, rest rest rest rest, and they all go marching down around the town....' Obviously you would tell your students to be silent and stop playing their instruments in order to show them exactly what a rest is.

Or for another option you can use this for a reading lesson. Your student could be expected to read and recognize rhyming words. You could even have them come up with their own rhyming words. One - thumb. Two - shoe. Three - tree. And on.

It'd be so cool if you could have the same theme through each lesson.... kind of like we did here. We had art, music, math, and reading. You use one song, activity, or theme the whole day to reinforce what you are wanting your kids to learn. Now that is beauty right there! I love details and connections and organization and .... ahh!

I've never made a lesson plan before, i've never had to be creative and come up with something like this, i've never been trained or had an education class to learn exactly how to do these things, and i'm pretty nervous to see if i even did it correct or pulled it off the way he wants. Breathe!

My goodness that was one big, long run-on sentence.

Guess we'll find out!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Monday March 9, 2009

Outside my window... one second let me open it and check. I haven't even been outside today. The sun is shining, but it looks a little cloudy and the wind is blowing slightly.

I am thinking... that i need to stop trying to meet everyone's expectations and just be who i am.

I am thankful for... my church family. It is so evident that He is moving in that place and it truly amazes me.

From the learning rooms... class tonight at 6. I passed my tests from last week, one of them with a 95 - YAY! I've really been a slacker this semester and am disappointed in myself. I tend to let the things going on in my life affect my school. That shouldn't happen.

From the kitchen... mom has to see a patient after she gets off work today so she asked if I would cook supper. I'm thinking beef enchiladas, mexican style rice, chips with hot sauce and maybe even cheese dip.
I went around the house collecting all of the cups and dirty dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher... we'll start it after the supper dishes have been added.

I am wearing... black cami, trash bag shorts, and a towel wrapped around my wet hair. I showered earlier and have been cleaning house ever since. That seems a little backwards huh?

I am creating... absolutely nothing.

I am going... to blow dry my hair and get myself ready so that i can head to Walmart. I need to get everything i need to get supper started. Then if i have enough time i need to work on some assignments for school. I keep putting them off.

I am reading... Genesis in my ESV study bible and Discovering God's Purpose for your Life by Beth Moore. I found it on my book shelf, i think mom gave it to me for Christmas at one point. Beth takes one verse and breaks it down into about 6 chapters - an indepth study on a single verse.

I am hoping... to discern the voice of the Lord and then follow up by being obedient.

I am hearing... other than my computer and the air condition humming, nothing. It's too silent in this house. I am now turning on some music.

Around the house... so far today (after waking up to a phone call that a letter i was waiting for in the mail had arrived - just to find out that it was not the news i wanted to hear... yeah, it hurt my pride a little more than it probably should have.) i have seriously cleaned my bathroom, dusted the bookshelves in my bedroom, made my bed, picked up everything off my floor, seperated the clothes in the laundry room, started a load in the washing machine and dryer, picked up the living room, and now i'm bout to get ready to head out to Wally World.

One of my favorite things... planning. I'm a very observant person and although it may not seem like it I know how to plan and organize. (and even thoroughly enjoy doing it) I like to sit back on the sidelines and watch how things are taking place and then think about what would be better, what we should change or do differently, etc. The only drawback is that i'm insecure and don't feel brave enough to share with anyone my thoughts... unless it's around my family. I tend to step up to the plate when it comes to activities with them. Betcha didn't know that about me, huh?

A few plans for the rest of the week... cookin supper and then class tonight; school, singing the Anthem at the MHS Softball home opener and then Sacrifice rehearsal Tuesday; Adult choir on Wednesday; class on Thursday; picking up the kids from school for the first time in over a month on Friday; singing the anthem at the Rodeo on Saturday; Church on Sunday and then Spring Break has officially started and i'm headed to the Lake for a whole week.

Here is a picture thought...

Casie and Dad at the Marshall Symphony League Ball this past weekend. She was so nervous about being up infront of all those people doing the waltz. "I've never been on stage infront of THAT many people in my life." She's so glad it's over and she did fine!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Weekend of Dress Up

Casie was asked to be an escort for a friend at the Symphony Ball this year. And since I went to school for photography and cosmetology, I get to help out with hair, make up, and photos.

Obviously i'm kidding about the school thing; I'm so not gifted in this area. When you don't have the funds to hire someone to do it for you, you learn to work with what you have.

Hope you have a great time, Casie! You look beautiful (even though your sister did your hair and make up) and you're going to do fine! Dance it up! I love you!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

God of mercy and grace

Mom would often mention Uncle Howard's name... and most of the time salvation was always in the sentence.

You see, Uncle Howard wasn't saved.

She always talked about how she continually prayed for him to come to know Christ. Every few months the pastor would comment on how we should never stop praying for our lost loved ones.... no matter how long we've been on our knees for them. He even mentioned it this past Sunday. And each time he makes that statement i think of my mom and how she prays for Uncle Howard.

Family members have tried many times to witness to him and tell him about Jesus, but he always refuses. It's like he's angry. He puts up this wall and won't let the idea even enter his mind. He will have nothing to do with it. Just shuts everything out.

About a year ago we ran into my Aunt Judy in the Walmart parking lot. We hadn't seen her in what seemed like forever so we stopped to chat for a little while.... and yes, check on Uncle Howard. I will never forget what she said that night, "They called in hospice over 6 months ago, but he hasn't passed yet. I just honestly believe it's the Lord giving him more time..."

As we were walking away mom told me that they only call Hospice when the patient has less than 6 months left to live. Amazingly Uncle Howard was still living... and even getting better.

This past Monday evening mom and I were sitting at the table eating dinner and she randomly said, "I wonder how Uncle Howard is doing? It's been a while since i've heard anything. I wonder if he's passed away yet?" I asked her if she was still praying for his salvation and she said yes.

Not even 24 hours later we were sitting in the living room watching tv and the phone rang. I could hear my dad talking on the phone and i just knew exactly what it was. He hung up and called mom into the room...

"that was your father.... Uncle Howard passed away this morning."

And then he stopped for a moment and with a broken voice said...

"And he accepted Christ."

My mother raised her hands in the air as tears formed in her eyes and said "Amen!"

We were so amazed and in awe that we just had to know his story. So my dad called to find out the next day.

And so i share this with you and I hope the following touches your heart and reminds you just how merciful and gracious our God is!

A woman in my Aunt Judy's bible study had a dream that she needed to go visit Uncle Howard. She went and met with him and oddly enough he opened up to her. He had become this angry man who never let anyone in, but something happened when she visited with him. She came back another evening following their first visit, but he wasn't doing well and was not very aware so she left. On her next visit she prayed that the Lord would allow him to be aware and even receptive to what she had to say. While she was with him she brought up Jesus..... and tears rolled down his cheeks. She told him if he wanted Jesus all he had to do was say it. "I want Jesus.... I want Jesus", he said.

That was last Monday evening.... he passed away Tuesday morning.

I am still taken away by how amazing our God is. I can't even stop crying. I have no words.

" ...God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting any to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." ( 1 Tim 2:3b-4, 2 Peter 3:9)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

40 Calorie Cookies

Cake Mix
Cool Whip small
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients. Spoon out into powered sugar. Bake at 350.

1 cake mix makes about 55-60 cookies

You can make just about any kind of cookie and creative mixture that you want. Here are some examples : butter cake mix, regular cool whip, with heath bar pieces and chocolate chips... white cake mix, regular cool whip and m&m's... chocolate cake mix, regular cool whip or chocolate cool whip.... strawberry cake mix with whatever - they also make strawberry cool whip. So be creative!! Make a random cookie and see if you like it!

boycott tv

So i just got done watching tv for far too many hours than anyone should ever watch TV. Okay, so it really wasn't that many compared to what most people watch, but still. I think i want to boycott TV. Or maybe just certain channels. But really people, is there anything good on these days? I can't find anything, except Divine Design, which i love, but always fastforward to the very end to see the final results.

What is the world coming to? Seriously.

We might as well turn off our tvs and spend some quality time with our families. Really and Truly.

I just feel like i want to unload right now. I mean there's Dancing with the Stars where people dance across the screen half naked (yeah, our screens that are WAY too large and give you an 'actual size' if not more view) - i've never been into that show. There's the Bachelor which i always enjoy, but refuse to watch any longer because it is not beneficial AT ALL.... not to mention totally wrong. And then Idol. The show where they continually cut people down and trash talk to them. Don't get me started. Even cartoons are different. Nothing is the same as it use to be.

What happened to Saved By the Bell? Home Improvement? The Cosby Show?

Innocent humor. Safe for the WHOLE family to watch.

I don't even know what to say... I don't watch tv very often, simply because i just don't. I'd rather stare at a computer screen.

There is currently no television in my bedroom; hasn't been for years. I might be okay with never even owning one. I sure wouldn't miss out on anything important.

I'll buy books instead.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Simple Woman Daybook

For today, Tuesday March 1, 2009
Outside my window...
the sun is slowly setting, in less than an hour it'll be dark. It felt warm enough yesterday that i was able to swing on the porch with short sleeves on. Today the chill was a little too much for that.
I am thinking...
that i really need to get everything ready to send in my application for the Certification program; the deadline is March 13th. That day is going to be here before i know it so i better get serious about workin' on it. I need to update you on this.
I am thankful for...
the many things i am learning. I pray they take root and that the Lord uses them to mold my heart the way He wants it.
From the learning rooms...
Graduation is less than 2 months away. Scary! I'm so worried about something crazy happening and me not passing all of my courses to graduate on time. Only i would freak out about something as silly as that. We have the second round of tests this week and hopefully i'll do well on all of those!
My instrumental methods class isn't as fun as i thought it would be. It's still easier for me to attend because we're constantly up and moving which makes the time pass quicker. But i'm SO not good at practicing my instruments. I'm terrible.
From the kitchen...
we just finished supper and i loaded the dishes into the washer. I've been meaning to sweep, but keep putting it off. I'll get to that tomorrow. Promise! The banana bread has been eaten - time to make some more i guess - or maybe i'll try something new. I cleaned off the counters yesterday; if only they'd stay that way.
I am wearing...
black cami, dark grey youth camp t-shirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes, hair in a pony tail, and make-up. I got a new watch this weekend - i've needed one for subbing. It seems very unprofressional to pull out my phone every hour and check the time. Now i won't have to do that anymore! If only i could get use to having the time on my wrist; i keep forgetting!
I am creating...
a to do list for tomorrow. I love working and i love learning, honestly, i do. A weakness about my personality is that i have a really hard time getting over the initial hump into ACTION. Once i get up and moving i can accomplish so many things and i feel great about myself. I can't take this guilty lazy feeling inside any longer. No more letting myself sleep in.
I am going...
to complete some assignments for my Behavior Modification portfolio whenever i get off of here.
And sadly, i am going to watch the Bachelor 'after the final rose' at 9. For the record, i do not agree with the show, but for some stupid reason i keep watching it. It's not an addiction or anything, more of "i don't feel like going to sleep so let's see what's recorded on DVR". I'm interested to see if Molly and Jason actually stayed together.
I am reading...
Genesis in my ESV study bible. I'm going through it very slowly and reading (carefully examining) the commentary. Some interesting things to think about. And catching up on some blogs i thoroughly enjoy. Too bad they aren't people i know in real life.
I am hoping...
to create more relationships. This is such a weakness for me and i mention it so often; which gives me no excuse because i clearly recognize that i need to work on it. One of these days; no, really it's slowly getting better, although some people probably can't see that.
I am hearing...
my dad talking on the phone way down the hallway in his office, mom doing something in the kitchen, the clothes bangin' in the dryer, and the tv on the HGTV channel.
Around the house...
the washer has officially fallen through. The water started leaking out of the bottom and spreading not only into the kitchen, but underneath the wall into the piano room. The carpet is damp... what can ya do? lol. Dad said the heater should do the same thing pretty soon.
One of my favorite things...
my chapstix.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
settin' the alarm for an early wake up call in the morning, portfolio work, cleanin' the house, adult choir rehearsal, class on Thursday, subbing fourth grade on Friday, Sacrifice rehearsal on Saturday, Church on Sunday.