Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Evening

Today has been a pretty productive day. I set my alarm for 8 am with my To-Do-List all written out, complete with time slots for each of the things i had planned to accomplish through out the day.

At a quarter til' 11 I finally rolled out of bed... i know.

Despite my lazy attitude I managed to get out of bed and get started on everything i'd planned on doing.

I spent some time reading His word which was a huge bite today. The passage in Romans 9 where Paul speaks about the glory of the Lord.... how He chose some for good and some for evil, and who are we to ask why He made us this way? Either way He did it for the sake of His own glory to be displayed. It can be so hard to understand at times.

Then i ate breakfast, and/or lunch, and then cleaned off the counters and loaded the dishwasher.

I begged my sister to make a trip to Walmart with me. She agreed only if I would let her shower first. While she showered i loaded the washer n dryer, folded clothes, took them to their proper rooms, made my bed, cleaned up my room, and managed to get dressed n ready by the time she was done.

We headed to Wally World in the cold with our list of items to purchase. Casie wanted an air freshener for her car, so we stood there sniffing all the options for a few minutes until she found one she wanted. Then i saw one that dad would love so I decided to get it for him.... to which my sister said, "we gotta get mom one too". We picked a nice pretty one for her too and then moved on to the food side of walmart to finish up our shopping.

On our way home we stopped by the mall so I could get my eye brows done for the first time in ummm, let's see.... well i'm not exactly sure, but over a year. It takes very little to please my mother. Obviously! She teared up when she saw that I had taken the time to get my eye brows done.

Walmart had ZERO bananas so we had to make a quick stop at Brookshire's. Then it was home at last, home at last.

I unpacked all the groceries, made some piggies n a blanket, made the dry bowl for the banana bread that i planned to make later in the evening, printed off my lesson for tomorrow, and cleaned/re-organized my bathroom towel cabinet.

Mom and Dad left for the Lake yesterday evening, but Casie and I decided to stay here for a few days and then head out later. I was asked to sing at the Rodeo tonight and also get to teach Sunday School in the morning. It will save gas and time if we wait and head out later. Mom n Dad met us for dinner and then we all headed to the Rodeo. It's always a terrifying experience - such a foriegn place for me. haha. The smell is delicious! Not. I always mentally go through my wardrobe, "what do i have that is SLIGHTLY cowboy-ish so that i don't look like a total nerd tonight?" For some reason I picked a brown themed outfit. I'm not sure why I picked brown.... maybe because there's a lot of dirt and poop and brown horses n cows? It was all i had to work with. K? No cowboy hat, no wranglers, no boots... just a brown shirt n jacket, blue-jeans, with brown n pink shoes, and some big brown earrings.

Most places i'm asked to sing I'm hidden away in some sort of pressbox... not the Rodeo. I have to climbed over the rails, walk through the mud while smelling all the poo, go through the gate, and walk out and stand inside the rink. (is it rink or ring?) So glad it's over!

The (pa)rents headed back to the lake and Casie and i settled in at home. I heated the oven and made me some banana bread to take to the lake. And since I wanted all the dishes to be clean before we left, I went ahead and made breakfast for the morning. The dishwasher is now loaded and running. yay! I'll unload it in the morning.

I plan to do a little cleaning before we leave tomorrow afternoon so that mom can come home to a nice clean house once the 'break' is over.

I know this post was extremely boring and i apologize for that.... but if you've managed to stay with me until now you must be pretty bored too? Go find something better to do! I'm headed to bed!

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