Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today... Monday March 9, 2009

Outside my window... one second let me open it and check. I haven't even been outside today. The sun is shining, but it looks a little cloudy and the wind is blowing slightly.

I am thinking... that i need to stop trying to meet everyone's expectations and just be who i am.

I am thankful for... my church family. It is so evident that He is moving in that place and it truly amazes me.

From the learning rooms... class tonight at 6. I passed my tests from last week, one of them with a 95 - YAY! I've really been a slacker this semester and am disappointed in myself. I tend to let the things going on in my life affect my school. That shouldn't happen.

From the kitchen... mom has to see a patient after she gets off work today so she asked if I would cook supper. I'm thinking beef enchiladas, mexican style rice, chips with hot sauce and maybe even cheese dip.
I went around the house collecting all of the cups and dirty dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher... we'll start it after the supper dishes have been added.

I am wearing... black cami, trash bag shorts, and a towel wrapped around my wet hair. I showered earlier and have been cleaning house ever since. That seems a little backwards huh?

I am creating... absolutely nothing.

I am going... to blow dry my hair and get myself ready so that i can head to Walmart. I need to get everything i need to get supper started. Then if i have enough time i need to work on some assignments for school. I keep putting them off.

I am reading... Genesis in my ESV study bible and Discovering God's Purpose for your Life by Beth Moore. I found it on my book shelf, i think mom gave it to me for Christmas at one point. Beth takes one verse and breaks it down into about 6 chapters - an indepth study on a single verse.

I am hoping... to discern the voice of the Lord and then follow up by being obedient.

I am hearing... other than my computer and the air condition humming, nothing. It's too silent in this house. I am now turning on some music.

Around the house... so far today (after waking up to a phone call that a letter i was waiting for in the mail had arrived - just to find out that it was not the news i wanted to hear... yeah, it hurt my pride a little more than it probably should have.) i have seriously cleaned my bathroom, dusted the bookshelves in my bedroom, made my bed, picked up everything off my floor, seperated the clothes in the laundry room, started a load in the washing machine and dryer, picked up the living room, and now i'm bout to get ready to head out to Wally World.

One of my favorite things... planning. I'm a very observant person and although it may not seem like it I know how to plan and organize. (and even thoroughly enjoy doing it) I like to sit back on the sidelines and watch how things are taking place and then think about what would be better, what we should change or do differently, etc. The only drawback is that i'm insecure and don't feel brave enough to share with anyone my thoughts... unless it's around my family. I tend to step up to the plate when it comes to activities with them. Betcha didn't know that about me, huh?

A few plans for the rest of the week... cookin supper and then class tonight; school, singing the Anthem at the MHS Softball home opener and then Sacrifice rehearsal Tuesday; Adult choir on Wednesday; class on Thursday; picking up the kids from school for the first time in over a month on Friday; singing the anthem at the Rodeo on Saturday; Church on Sunday and then Spring Break has officially started and i'm headed to the Lake for a whole week.

Here is a picture thought...

Casie and Dad at the Marshall Symphony League Ball this past weekend. She was so nervous about being up infront of all those people doing the waltz. "I've never been on stage infront of THAT many people in my life." She's so glad it's over and she did fine!

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SoontobetheSnells said...

Hey girl! I found your blog through facebook. I miss hearing about your life so I thought I would read about it!

What invitation did you get? I haven't sent any! I am staying calm, it's just crazy with school and masters and finding a new job!

Glad to be in touch with you!
How are you?

The Roberts Family said...

Hey Megan,
This is Katy Roberts, I love your blog! I did figure out how to save yours on mine, so thanks for the help!