Monday, July 25, 2011

Hope in God

Not sure what is up lately, but I have been in a funk.

One of those, can't put your finger on it, funks.

Truly truly have no idea what's up. There is no stress of work. There is no stress really at all!!! Yet i'm having this ongoing panic/anxiety attack that's been going on for weeks now. Mom had to beat it into my thick head that it was simply an anxiety attack and nothing that I needed to freak out about.... easier said than done.

I've fallen on the floor many times simply because I felt like I needed to release some tears, but yet not sure what for or why.

As my funk seemed to hit a peak last night I remembered my pastors words from that morning, "Sit in silence before the Lord. If you wait there long enough, He will show up."

So... cute and obedient me.... I did.

I sat there.
Tears pouring out of somewhere.
And as I sat it was as if He was saying, "I get it, Megan. I get it."
Which caused more tears.

A friend popped up on my screen to chat and we unloaded ha. Both. Of. Us.

She listened to me. I listened to her. She offered advice. I offered advice.

When I was trying to find and give her some godly, biblical advice I typed in the words God is good. And again the tears just started to well up in my eyes. Even in that moment of hurt and confusion, over i'm not sure what, my soul was clinging to this hope that God is good.

Something about those words.... God is good.... just lit up my soul.

I know that my identity is to be found in Christ and Christ alone. And my heart and soul longs to constantly live in that place where if everything else in life were stripped away, i'm just as content because Jesus is my everything.

I also know that He is faithful. He's proven faithful many many times in the past. Enough to push me forward and trust that I will stand with arms lifted high... Praise the Lord.

As I was reading tonight (and yes, crying, yet again) these words brought a lot of comfort :

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God;
For I shall yet praise Him....
Psalm 42:11

So although I can't fully pin-point my current funk, I find peace and hope. And I continue to speak the hope-giving words:

Jesus is still the same. And God is good.

Do you have a verse or some godly quote that brings hope to your soul even in the darkest times?

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Post You May Not Want To Read

James 3:3-10 says there is life and death in the tongue. A harsh thought to think on.

"So Megan, when are you going to find Mr. Right?"

Hands down, my favorite question to be asked. Not. If I had a dollar for everytime.... i'd buy me a lexus.

It's just that people ask that question as if i'm nothing single. They ask it as if my highest calling is to find Mr. Right.

Now, I know they don't mean it that way and I know that God created us as relational beings and... yada yada. That's not new information. It's just that, if anyone wants a husband just as much as every other girl... hello, it's me. And everytime I get asked that question it takes a little more faith.

Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavently realms. Ephesians 6:12

With each curious person digging into my dating life it's as if a bell dings inside that says - You are worthless alone. Heck, let's highlight the fact that you are, indeed, alone. Everyone else is all happy and junk, two whole stages ahead of you and here you are alone not getting any younger and somehow just not measuring up because you haven't found him. Yeah, yeah, God's timing is perfect and let's keep on trusting, but maybe you just let the good ones get by you. Maybe you're too picky.

Let me pause for a moment to say that - no, not everyday is like this. The days really and truly are fewer and less, but there are moments when they come that it's really hard. Especially when people throw out comments somehow meant to "help".

I learned a long time ago not to take it personal or to get upset with the person trying to encourage or simply have a conversation. And to take each "pity party" as a chance to cling harder to Jesus. My identity is found in Him, not my dating status.

The reality is.... there are times when I have to fight not to view myself as less..... not good enough... not as smart as my friends simply because they have experienced seasons of life that I haven't... not ready and somehow just not mature enough.

I know they are lies, but goodness they can be hard not to believe if i'm not careful.

My least favorite comment to hear is, "You just aren't ready yet or the Lord would have already sent him."

That is a load of bull-honkey. And since I have a lot of experience being single, let me just encourage you not to say it. It is not beneficial. And not true.

Just because a person is single does not make them any less ready or any less spiritually mature.

A single friend and I were talking the other night about learning our weaknesses so that when it's triggered you recognize the red flag and immediately rush in with Truth to counter the negative lie.

Being single is not my weakness, but like every single person there are moments when it's tough.

Janet Folger says in her book What's A Girl To Do (while waiting on Mr. Right) that the battle ground is the mind. It's not just true for single people, it's true for all. I'm convinced that each of our struggles start there, in the mind.

When I think about my close friends and their weaknesses (the ones that I know just how to fix ha) the thing lacking is truth and the thing present is negative lies. It's true for all of us. We just keep on letting the negative thoughts and words go round and round and round. We don't do anything to fight back.

We have step one down - be aware of yourself and your weaknesses.

But somehow we don't move on to step two - when said weakness is triggered speak Truth into it.

This post started out with a verse in James about the tongue having the power of life and death. We often think about the death part and forget about the life part. So maybe my steps are wrong.

Maybe it's:
step one - drench yourself in the Truth, the Life of God's word
step two - be aware of your weakness because the enemy will strike
step three - speak the Truth (outloud) into that place of negativity when he does strike
step four - begin to believe the truth over the lie
step five - victory (and repeat)

I despise "single" books. You know, the ones that try to encourage you that God has something to do in your life and you are blessed to be single and not tied down and so on and so on. I know there is so much truth in it, but there are moments when you just are tired of hearing it.

Then there are other moments when it has just what you need to hear. From Janet's book -

There is a God who intersected time and history to be nailed to a cross to pay your admission to heaven. That's how much He loves you. That's how much He wants to be with you. Regardless of where you are, regardless of what you feel or think. He is for you. And His plan for your life is best. Even when you feel differently. The good news is that our thoughts and feelings don't change the truth: God is for us.

He has not forgotten about me.
He still has plans for me.
He does have my best interest in mind.

And for me.... a whole lot more of faith building. Which, I know i'll be thankful for in the future, because my highest calling is not to find Mr. Right, but to find, know, and share Jesus. All other strivings will leave me empty. The funny thing, finding and falling in love with Mr. Right is ultimately still about Jesus.... and faith.

Trust God.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sun, Shades and Summer Time

We spent the last two weeks at the lake with friends. Instead of taking a big trip for vacation this year, we decided we would relax and hang out at the lake. It's one of our favorite places to be! No make up. No fixin' your hair. No electronics. No schedules. And just close enough to home that we can make a trip in if need be. Here are a few pictures to give you a preview of our days! (sadly I didn't pull out the camera very often)

Each morning mom and Karen got up to ride their bikes. They started out small, around 3 miles, and by the second week they were doing 10 miles each morning. On the night that this picture was taken 4 of us road 6 miles and the other 3 walked two.

Typically, Casie and I slept in, but occasionally we got up at 6 am to fish with dad!! It was way fun! If I marry a fisherman he better be all kindsa' ready for this chick! :) We even got to see the sunrise on our way out to the fishin' hole! So pretty!

Our days were spent on the water - soaking up the sun, riding the jet skis, enjoying boat rides, tubing, and skiing. I didn't take my camera out on the boat during the day so the only pictures we have of these events are on mom's phone. I'll have to remember to upload some of them later!

Our nights were filled with many beautiful sunsets, wonderful meals, great conversations, card games, and good books. One of our favorite things to do is go for a nice sunset boat ride after we eat dinner. Here are the pictures from our last evening with friends on the lake as we took in the beautiful sunset!

We are so blessed!

Thank you, Lord!