Friday, July 15, 2011

Sun, Shades and Summer Time

We spent the last two weeks at the lake with friends. Instead of taking a big trip for vacation this year, we decided we would relax and hang out at the lake. It's one of our favorite places to be! No make up. No fixin' your hair. No electronics. No schedules. And just close enough to home that we can make a trip in if need be. Here are a few pictures to give you a preview of our days! (sadly I didn't pull out the camera very often)

Each morning mom and Karen got up to ride their bikes. They started out small, around 3 miles, and by the second week they were doing 10 miles each morning. On the night that this picture was taken 4 of us road 6 miles and the other 3 walked two.

Typically, Casie and I slept in, but occasionally we got up at 6 am to fish with dad!! It was way fun! If I marry a fisherman he better be all kindsa' ready for this chick! :) We even got to see the sunrise on our way out to the fishin' hole! So pretty!

Our days were spent on the water - soaking up the sun, riding the jet skis, enjoying boat rides, tubing, and skiing. I didn't take my camera out on the boat during the day so the only pictures we have of these events are on mom's phone. I'll have to remember to upload some of them later!

Our nights were filled with many beautiful sunsets, wonderful meals, great conversations, card games, and good books. One of our favorite things to do is go for a nice sunset boat ride after we eat dinner. Here are the pictures from our last evening with friends on the lake as we took in the beautiful sunset!

We are so blessed!

Thank you, Lord!

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