Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Story - Part 2

...Three months go by and I find myself face down on the floor with tears.

It was a Sunday evening. 

I remember so clearly laying face down on my floor beside my bed.  That place was very special and sacred to me.  No one would interrupt me or find me there because I was hidden from the view of anyone walking by my bedroom door.  It was a place I went often to be silent and just meet with the Lord.

That particular night I felt like the Lord was pressing into my heart, "It's time to move forward Megan.  It's time to do this.  It's time to consider the man you'll marry."

I remember just crying these very big tears... not really knowing where they were coming from, but so clearly feeling like it was from Him.  It was as if all of my fear came out in those big alligator tears.  Like I was releasing it all and handing it over to the Lord.

It was truly a moment that I simply cannot explain to anyone, but yet so very special to me.

The next day (Monday) at work Lauren stopped me again in the hallway, "I just really want you to meet Mark!!  Will you please go out with him?"

"Okay!! Yeah!" came out with no hesitation. 

My thoughts flashed back to myself laying face down on the floor in my bedroom.  And even though I had no idea what the outcome of our date would be, at the same time I felt like I knew.  Is it even possible to know, but not know at the same time?!  lol I'm not sure, but that's what it felt like!

Lauren seemed completely shocked and totally overcome with excitement, "Oh my gosh!! Are you serious?!  Megan, yall are so going to get married!!  I really just think you will!!"

I laughed OUT loud and told her that she really must not know who she is speaking to, but yes I am serious; I will totally go!

If only it were that simple and clear.  In comes the curve ball...