Thursday, September 22, 2011

Increasing Faith, Part Two

Before school began I posted an entry on how this year was definitely going to be one that increased faith.

Our class rosters were over-flowing; over the legal state max number of students per teacher.

Three weeks into school the Lord took care of that and it has been so much better since.

Still.... this is a year of increasing faith.

I wish that I could share details of why, but i'm not allowed to. There is more than one reason and believe me when I say, it's been a challenge and will continue.

But without a challenge there is no growth! And, as it turns out, I actually like a challenge!

My soveriegn God hand-chose each of these children that are in my classroom this year. I know it's not a mistake or coincedence.

When you visit our classrooms you will clearly see that they are lopsided.... once again, can't share how or why, but i'm the end of the balance that is on the floor. for lots of reasons.

I believe in them and I choose to push them farther than anyone would ever imagine we could go this year! :) They've already surprised me!

(They make me want to pull my hair out. They make me laugh my head off. They make me close my eyes and breathe. They remind me that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.)

This journey that i am on is so not about the teaching... it's building character, it's preparing me for the future, and it's increasing faith.

May my actions and words reflect Him, therefore, to point others to Him.

Will you join me as I pray over my students this year and beg God for wisdom as I lead them? I am nothing, without Him. And to God be the glory!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

School Daze

I realize I haven't posted a single sentence since school began. It's been a crazy couple (or triple) of weeks. Sometimes it's hard to blog about my job because so much of it is bound by confidentiality laws and such.

Just know that I appreciate your prayers. More than I could ever express.

There ended up being 27 students on my roster. Only 25 of them showed up. It's now three weeks into the school year and we have a new first grade teacher joining our campus to even out the class sizes and take some of the load off.

I knew that it was taking a lot out of me with that many children in my room, but I hadn't realized how stressed I was about it. When I heard the official news a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

It wasn't easy getting rid of the kids though... it's bittersweet.

You don't realize how fast you get attached.

On the other hand, i'm glad to finally get to write names on desks, cubbies, and give assigned seats on the carpet. There are lots of little things (and big, I guess) that you can't do until your class is finalized.

I'm so ready!!! :)

I'm begging the Lord for wisdom and guidance when it comes to organization and time management in my classroom. I've probably mentioned that before, but i'm saying it again. There has to be a way to get everything done so that i'm happy and parents are happy and adminstrators are happy and children are happy... and having fun! :)

There is lots more on my heart, but don't feel obligated to share at the moment. Please pray.

Thanks so much. Love you all.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

KJ Photoshoot

My precious friend, Katy, gave me permission to post some of my favorites for our photoshoot on their date night! I had a really hard time deciding on my favorites; the first go round had like 25 photos on the list. I knew you wouldn't want to sit through a post with that many pictures so I tried to narrow it down a little bit. As it turns out, most of the ones that made the cut are from our very first stop. Katy wanted to go back to the place where Jeremy proposed! :) So sweet!I'm crazy about this red door and the million steps. Definitely want to go back there when I can think of some more ideas and have more time! Jeremy acted like he wasn't photogenic, but as you can tell in the photos he did great!!! When I got to their house, Katy said we needed a purpose before we headed out to take pictures. Her purpose - to capture them.

I like to think we did just that!!

Katy is just so bubbly and happy!

And the love they have for each other is so obvious!

I love this next photo... everything about it. The heads tilted towards each other. The naturalness of it. Their smiles. The red, green, white, tan, black. mm. mm.
And here is the same photo in black and white, zoomed out.

Moving on to the next spot...Katy loved this wall so we got a few shots there. This was my favorite!

And lastly, I wish I could take credit for the chalkboard idea, but that was allll Katy. It turned out cute and I can't wait to find more opportunities to use it!
Katy, I love you so much sweet friend and had a great time taking pictures of you guys! You are a true friend and great encouragement to me! Thanks for the opportunity to practice and learn a few things as well. Can't wait for many more chances to "capture moments" together!

Feet Fotos

Not sure why i'm into the "feet photos" that photographers have been taking here lately, but for some reason I love them!

Maybe it's the unexpected, creativeness of them!

Whatever it is, I adore them!

All of these cute feet (I guess technically you should say lower bodies/legs) are of my friend Katy and her husband!

She contacted me Friday afternoon asking me to come take some pictures of them for about thirty minutes during their date-night! I don't consider myself a "real" photographer and really don't have much practice, but it's definitely a hobby so I was thrilled to go!

More to come later....

and don't worry, they won't be feet!
There will actually be faces :)