Friday, November 25, 2011

In All Circumstances, At All Times

It's been a while since i've posted anything school-related here in blogland. In complete honesty, it's been a very stressful, not so fun year.

That doesn't mean that it's been all bad, nor does it mean that nothing good is happening in my classroom. It just means that it's been hard. challenging. stressful. and a lot more things of which I can't go into detail.

My brother has been spending a lot of time at home here lately. He is in the process of interviewing for different jobs and waiting for guidance as to where to go next.

Thanksgiving night we were all sitting in the living room discussing his current job. He works at Sears in a mall quite a few miles from where he actually lives. This is his first year in retail during the holidays. He has mentioned many times that he isn't sure he is going to be able to spend Christmas with us... and that just breaks my heart (for him).

If you are close to us at all and know what he is currently going through, then you understand how very hard his first christmas alone might be. I just want him to be near people who can shower him with love.

As I sat and listened (with my very over-analytical brain) and thought through what he must be feeling, I began to realize how very blessed I am despite the struggles at my school.

Now that doesn't mean my brother is not blessed.... the Lord is completley in charge of the time-table of each of our lives and i'm positive He is up to something far bigger than we can envision or imagine.

It's just one thing to hear about strangers who don't have jobs and are struggling to make it, but when it's a sibling whom you care about deeply it hits a little closer to home.

Although Thanksgiving is over, we are called to "give thanks in all circumstances" and at all times... so I want to say thank you, Lord, for my job. Thank you for allowing me to know the hours of my day and the schedule for my year. Thank you for giving the priviledge of leading young children. Thank you for a job that allows me to get up, move, communicate, and invest into other peoples lives. And I thank you even in the challenges... because without them, I would not grow.

I. am. blessed.

You are good, Lord God.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MK Photography

If you've been keeping up with my posts lately, you've seen quite a few photoshoots. After officially setting up my account with a photography website tonight so that I can print and keep up with things, I figured it was time to start a blog that could hold my pictures.

I'm not sure if i've ever told my story of how I got into photography. If you haven't heard it, click on over to my new blog to see my introduction on the sidebar, as well as, my first post.

It's a little boring at the moment... i'm in the process of making it look a little more inviting!! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Megan Kilgore Photography

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Shirley Family - Photoshoot

When I edit pictures I never fully feel done. There are always random ideas that i'll get on different nights. Nevertheless, here are my favorite five from The Shirley Family!

You know i'm crazy about random cut-off pictures! :)

Shirley's - I truly hope you enjoy your pictures as that is always my desire when capturing families! Love you guys and enjoy every minute that we get to see each other! I'll always be grateful that you guys allowed me to practice and learn with your family!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sneak Peek - Family

Here is a lil' sneak peek into my time with The Shirley Family!

Love the Fall colors!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Maternity Photoshoot - Kayla

Here are my top ten... okay, maybe there are eleven, I lost count... favorites from my shoot with Kayla! I'll even include why they are my favorites just for a lil' commentary as you read! :)

I like this one just because that door is ten kinds of yummy and her nuetral outfit looks fab with it! It looks comfortable to me!

See... here is the full view of the door. Neat-oh right?!

This is one of my favorites!!! I love, love, love it!

Of course, we had to try some pictures with blocks!

I like her head tilt, smile, and the fact that she is holding Laney in this one!!

Tiny Toms :)

This is another one of my all-time favorites because of the beautiful colors!! That blue is GORGEOUS and she just looks natural standing there!!

Cool angle.

...another smile here!! Probably talking about how she is horrible at taking photos.... lies.

And her precious, precious belly!

Kayla, thanks for letting me practice with you and hopefully capture some moments that you'll want to keep forever! I love you tons!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Perfect Match - Are You Ready For This?

If you live in the East Texas area i'm sure you have heard the story about Charley Rae, the toddler who went through surgery to have a non-functioning kidney removed last year and in the process lost both kidneys. If you haven't heard and would like to read the story, click here.

They have been looking for a donor since they found out the news after surgery and well, the time has come.

Monday, my very brave and selfless friend, Jessica, is donating her kidney to precious Charley Rae. I can't even express to you how much I admire Jess for such a noble task.

For months we have talked about how it's coming up and happening, but it's so strange for it actually to be here. When I heard the news I immediately texted her and said, "Are you ready for this?"

Like any normal person Jess is pretty nervous, but so very ready. Once again, I just can't express how blessed I am to call her friend and how much I admire her.

As I left her house my mind drifted off to many thoughts about this concious decision that Jessica was making; donating an organ to save a life. A perfectly healthy individual who has no problems, giving a piece of her life for another.

My thoughts then flashed over to my Savior. A perfect individual who gave not a piece, but His life to save others.

Can you imagine God sitting there with His Son, asking, "Well, it's here. Now's the time! Are you ready for this?" as Jesus prepared to give up his life to save the world.

The perfect match. The Donor.

I think forward to the day whenever Charley really understands what her friend, Jessi, did for her. When they can look each other in the face and just relive such a sweet season of their life. Oh the gratitude.

And I think forward to the day when we truly understand what our Savior, Jesus, did for us. When we will look each other in the face and give him the thanks and glory that is truly due His Holy Name.

The Donor. All glory to You, Jesus.

If you would like to support Jess and Charley, many people are declaring Monday their day and wearing purple so that they can intentionally pray for them all throughout the day. I know they would both be forever grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

Jessica, I love you and admire you, sister. I know that you don't want any praise and have given God the glory through out this entire situation, but I want you to know how much an impact you are making in this small town. There is no doubt that He is using this for His glory. You are such a brave, selfless person and I am blessed to call you friend! You can use my fridge to hold your jug anyday :) !!!