Friday, November 25, 2011

In All Circumstances, At All Times

It's been a while since i've posted anything school-related here in blogland. In complete honesty, it's been a very stressful, not so fun year.

That doesn't mean that it's been all bad, nor does it mean that nothing good is happening in my classroom. It just means that it's been hard. challenging. stressful. and a lot more things of which I can't go into detail.

My brother has been spending a lot of time at home here lately. He is in the process of interviewing for different jobs and waiting for guidance as to where to go next.

Thanksgiving night we were all sitting in the living room discussing his current job. He works at Sears in a mall quite a few miles from where he actually lives. This is his first year in retail during the holidays. He has mentioned many times that he isn't sure he is going to be able to spend Christmas with us... and that just breaks my heart (for him).

If you are close to us at all and know what he is currently going through, then you understand how very hard his first christmas alone might be. I just want him to be near people who can shower him with love.

As I sat and listened (with my very over-analytical brain) and thought through what he must be feeling, I began to realize how very blessed I am despite the struggles at my school.

Now that doesn't mean my brother is not blessed.... the Lord is completley in charge of the time-table of each of our lives and i'm positive He is up to something far bigger than we can envision or imagine.

It's just one thing to hear about strangers who don't have jobs and are struggling to make it, but when it's a sibling whom you care about deeply it hits a little closer to home.

Although Thanksgiving is over, we are called to "give thanks in all circumstances" and at all times... so I want to say thank you, Lord, for my job. Thank you for allowing me to know the hours of my day and the schedule for my year. Thank you for giving the priviledge of leading young children. Thank you for a job that allows me to get up, move, communicate, and invest into other peoples lives. And I thank you even in the challenges... because without them, I would not grow.

I. am. blessed.

You are good, Lord God.

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