Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Change Gon' Come

It's as if the Lord decided I needed change in my life.

Notice I didn't say A change because that would imply that one thing in my life is changing.  No, friends, nearly every thing in my life is changing.

I recently got a job in a new district teaching Kindergarten (a new grade).  That obviously means a whole lot of newNew friends, new students, new school, new classroom and furniture, new procedures and routines, new, new, new.  I know one person going into this year... and that is a bit frightening. 

But apparently i'm about to get over that real quick ha :)

 If you are friends with me on facebook you are very aware, probably more than you'd like to be, that my younger sister is getting married in four short days.  And about two weeks ago I finally realized that we are facing the first big "season change"...

I seriously bawled my stinkin' eyes out when I wrote my Maid Of Honor Novel, I mean speech, because it finally hit me - We are no longer in our "childhood".  We are officially grown up and will never live together again.  My sister is moving out, never to occupy the room next to me ever again.  We will never share a bathroom and cry and laugh and vent while the other uses the restroom or bathes.  When I stay out late at Mark's I won't come home to the lamp on so that I can see walking up the stairs.

so. much. change.

I think I cried all of my tears this past weekend so that hopefully I won't ruin the wedding with the ugly cry.

Please do not misunderstand me!  I am so very happy for my sister and know that this is the right time and completely God's will.  It's just going to be a big change... a part of life that we have just reached.  And i'm clinging to Jesus every step of the way.  I've always heard about getting older and embracing the joys in the different seasons of life.  It's a completely different thing to actually be standing at the door to said season.

And so I anxiously wait to see all that God does in these short weeks and all the many changes.

Our week is busy and full.... we would love your prayers as we squeeze in every moment of our time together :)

Love you all!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm not going to apologize for being a terrible blogger because it annoys me when people do that in.every.post.  We all get busy in different seasons of our lives and the posts slow way down. 

That is my life right now.

My sister gets married in less than three weeks and the "last weeks frantic-ness" has completely set in.  We got all her pictures edited, picked out, sized, printed, and put in frames. 


Totally breathed a whole heck of a lot easier when that was done.

My next job was to create invitations for one of her showers that the bridesmaids are hosting.  Did that last week (about a week later than I wanted), addressed the envelopes and sent them out.  Speaking of - we are so past the days of RSVP's.... many people have told me they got them and are coming, but zero have actually RSVP'ed. 

 Anyways, moving on.

The activities/food/games for the party are mentally prepared, but I haven't had a chance to actually gather all the items needed.  That's the next step.

On top of that, i'm helping decorate their new house.  Which is so very exciting, but again "'can I have more hours in my days?"

My weekends are full of showers where I sit in a chair, next to my sister, with my cute notebook and write out "Givers and Gifts" for thank you notes.  I smile for the camera while jokingly saying, "Maid of Honor Duties!!"


I never knew how time-consuming it was actually going to be.  I love my sister more than anything and love that I can help so much.  Truly... it's nice to be needed some times  :)

The stressful issue right now:  school.

With all this other going on, not to mention waiting to hear interview final results, I haven't been able to work in my room.  I went for the first time last week, took pictures, and then came home to layout my classroom on paper. 

I've tried three times to figure out the placement of my furniture and just stare at the paper.  I've never had a hard time arranging furniture and laying out a room.  It's like one of my favorite things.  But this one has got me.  So like every stressed out girl does.... I cried.

There is just a lot of change in my life and it's getting close to the weeks where it's actually going to affect me.  Losing a sister, gaining a brother.  Getting used to not sharing a bathroom, helping her pick out her clothes, doing her hair, and all the other that comes from our super close relationship.  Being the only one on this side of the hall upstairs.  Moving schools.  Moving rooms.  Moving Grades.  Making new friends (which I don't do well).

It's all too much. lol

It sure helps to write it all out though doesn't it?

God is good.
He is for me.
He is with me. every. step. of the way.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sorgee Family

Doesn't this picture look like one of those posters?  You know, the ones with the definition below it?  LOVE IT!! Meet Amber and Jason... and their children!!  Jason is Mark's brother and my first to shoot at this new location a friend told me about!  I'm posting a few favorites from their shoot over on my Photography Blog!  Click here to read the post!