Wednesday, March 4, 2009

boycott tv

So i just got done watching tv for far too many hours than anyone should ever watch TV. Okay, so it really wasn't that many compared to what most people watch, but still. I think i want to boycott TV. Or maybe just certain channels. But really people, is there anything good on these days? I can't find anything, except Divine Design, which i love, but always fastforward to the very end to see the final results.

What is the world coming to? Seriously.

We might as well turn off our tvs and spend some quality time with our families. Really and Truly.

I just feel like i want to unload right now. I mean there's Dancing with the Stars where people dance across the screen half naked (yeah, our screens that are WAY too large and give you an 'actual size' if not more view) - i've never been into that show. There's the Bachelor which i always enjoy, but refuse to watch any longer because it is not beneficial AT ALL.... not to mention totally wrong. And then Idol. The show where they continually cut people down and trash talk to them. Don't get me started. Even cartoons are different. Nothing is the same as it use to be.

What happened to Saved By the Bell? Home Improvement? The Cosby Show?

Innocent humor. Safe for the WHOLE family to watch.

I don't even know what to say... I don't watch tv very often, simply because i just don't. I'd rather stare at a computer screen.

There is currently no television in my bedroom; hasn't been for years. I might be okay with never even owning one. I sure wouldn't miss out on anything important.

I'll buy books instead.

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