Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sneak Peek

Yesterday evening was packed full of celebrations!

My best friend from high school, Mary, moved back home a few weeks ago from Philadelphia and her wedding is getting very close. Now that she is back in town we finally got to have her engagement party. So glad she is back!

My lovely bff, Kayla, found out the sex of the "golden nugget" at her reveal party last night! That was a very neat thing to experience! When the pinada was busted pink confetti went everywhere! So sweet!

Jordan came in town for Casie's birthday and they let me practice taking engagement pictures on them! We had so much fun! It really helped that we are all three already so very close and comfortable with each other! I'll post my favorites later.... I have to think for a few days before I decide which ones to post so that I don't overload you! For now you'll just have to enjoy the sneak peek picture above!!! :)

Have a great, restful day!

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