Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jordan - Casie Engagement

Alrighty people! In my last post I promised to post my favorites from my photoshoot with my sister and her fiance! So i've thought... and here they are! We started out at Jordan's parents house. They have quite a bit of land, a pond, hay bells, and the old truck (pictured above) that Casie and jordan went to prom in their Senior Year. Have I mentioned they are High School Sweethearts? That is very sweet, if you ask me. Then, we moved downtown to use some of the old walls...

We only had an hour to shoot so we did the best we could! It was truly a blast! Really think it helped that we are all so very close to begin with. I know it helped this very ameteur photographer feel comfortable behind the camera.... especially trying lots of new ideas!
Casie and Jordan, thank you for allowing me to capture some very sweet moments with you guys! I know I say it alot (possibly still not enough) but I love both of you and am so blessed to have you guys in my life! The evening was so much fun (and great practice) and you were both way more fabulous than you acted like you'd be! :) Love you so so so very much!


Anonymous said...

I love these pictures! So very sweet & beautiful! Megan you did so good capturing this wonderful couple & the love is so easily seen!

CDJ said...

you did a great job. you had a lot of love with which to work:) I like the top one the best. lovely!