Thursday, November 5, 2009

Falling Acorns

Do you have a favorite season?

When asked this question I usually automatically blurt out summer. You know, because of the sun, tan, water, boat rides, relaxing, camping, etc.. But then as the other seasons roll around I remember how much I enjoy those as well! The change is so refreshing!

There are different things that trigger my memory for each season. For example, hot chocolate, big puffy coats, and trips to Mississippi automatically remind of me winter.

Yesterday as I was getting ready for work I heard a loud thud followed by a faded trickle as it rolled off the roof above. Ahh.... Fall - The sound of acorns hitting the roof. Something about it is so peaceful to me and it only happens during this season.

Take a moment to think. Is there something that happens during this season that makes you think Fall? Something about nature. Something you do as a family. Some event that happens around this time each year. Or something simple and random like falling acorns on the roof.

What is Fall to you?


CDJ said...

61 degrees and breezy...just right for a hoodie and shorts...and tossing a football.

ummm...and peanuts & candycorn hello?

Megan said...

men watching the cowboys game... and girls curled up with a good book!!!

freeeeezing cold high school playoff games....

And a REALLY good back porch swing to go with that AWESOME 61 degree and breezy weather!!!!

The Roberts Family said...

the smell of SMOKE from a chimney, pile of leaves burning, or from a campfire always makes me think of fall.

Pumpkins of course.

beautiful colors from the leaves.