Monday, January 2, 2012

Back To School - Winter

Well, it was back-to-school today for me.

Definitely wasn't singing joy to the world like I was when I was leaving for the break two weeks ago.

Students don't come back until tomorrow so we got a full work-day in our classrooms.... which is always very much appreciated by this chick! For some reason, I still felt very scattered even after such an awesome break. As soon as I stepped foot into my classroom all of the stress immediately came back.

I cannot express how much that bothers me.

Throughout my day I stopped and prayed at different times... Lord, lead me. guide me. comfort me. be my passion again in this place.

I truly believe if it were always happy and dandy then my pursuit of the Lord wouldn't be as intense... so I press on.

If you want to add a something to your prayer list, you can be praying for direction next year. I'm just not real sure if i'm supposed to stay put. It's been on my mind for months, but I need guidance and discernment to know if i'm suppose to move and where. If you wouldn't mind, i'd appreciate your prayers! :)

On another note, I started training for a half-marathon in March. Hope to keep you updated on that process here as well. Two of my friends, Mary and Erin, are going to join me! Any of my hometown friends, feel free to join us as well!!

Alright, i'm exhausted! Short and Sweet - Have a fabulous day!!

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