Saturday, October 3, 2009

"There's Nothing We Can Do"

My parents wanted two children; a boy and a girl. They'd been married for a few years and their plans for a family were complete after the birth of Brandon and I. Two and a half years later they found out they were expecting again, but it was not part of their plan. This little surprise was definitely from God and they started to realize that much later.

My sister Casie was born October 3, 1989 a few weeks premature. The doctors held my mother and her newborn baby in the hospital for a while trying to run tests and figure out what was going on with her. After 11 days they sent my parents home with the news, "there's nothing we can do."

Appearently my baby sister's body didn't have the immunities to fight off any sickness that entered her body. The doctor's told us the first time she got sick she wouldn't make it.

I remember hearing my dad tell the testimony of that time in their lives as newlyweds and young parents. He recalled my mother being so upset that she could not even pray. She was angry with God for putting her through this situation. Why would He allow something like this to happen?

We will never know all the reasons He allowed my parents and family to go through that situation, but I believe it's because He had a special plan for her life that wouldn't be the same without that little situation upon her birth.

We are not our past, but our story and destiny would not be the same without it.

I can't help but rejoice every year on my sister's birthday because I can hear the news the doctors gave us, she won't make it, resounding in my head. And instantly I think about the One who did make it. Her birthday is a constant reminder of the Almighty God we serve.

Today marks 20 years that my little sister has been apart of this family and alive on this Earth. I'm so glad He wanted and allowed her to be apart of this family.

When I think back on her life there is just something special about her, and I truly believe it's a part of the special plan He had for her. She has this smile that seems to never leave her face and light up whatever room she's in. She's the one friend that will always be there even when you stab her in the back 20 times. You never feel like she's requiring anything from you or judgemental about who you are. She simply accepts you as you are, and wants you around. She's one of the best listener's I know and is so very humble. One of the coolest things about her is that she doesn't think she's special at all. She has other simple stories in her life that are beautiful testimony's of the Soveriegn God we serve. I am so blessed to have this miracle in my life and it wouldn't be the same without her.

Happy Birthday, Casie! I love you more than you will ever know!

I'm so glad there was nothing they could do... because then there was room for all that He wanted to do.


Megan said...

How beautiful and so true!

Megan said...

That was mom not Megan commenting above.

Karen Bickerdike said...

precious story well written. i am glad too there was nothing "they" could do. HE did a much better job!

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Kathy said...

Well done Megan!

Casie said...

love being apart of your life as well, thanks so much for the Post, i love you!

What an amazing God we serve! :)