Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Past Weekend

Well, well... It's been a pretty busy week around our household. We just finished up our last performance of The Sacrifice, an Easter play we do at our church. The sister and I are merely town's people, but mom and dad have actual "names" (err parts) in the play. Dad is Pilate and mom is his wife, Perculia (totally not sure how to spell that). They start out in normal towns people street clothes and then switch during the middle of the play into their fancier garb. Mom's outfit is white and gold with a cape and all sorts of stuff. Once their big scene is over they switch back into their normal towns attire so that they can be a part of the end of the show. A few of my students came and it was so fun to see them afterwards. One of my little girls whom I love soooooooooooo very much ran up to my mother (keep in mind she is in her olive green regular towns clothing) and said (with her finger next to her mouth in deep thought), "ummmm... I thought you were the princess?" ha :) crack. me. up. It's always such a blessing and fun to be a part of the show. It is a great way to get to know people in your church whom you may see often, but not truly know. By the last performance we are typically drained in all aspects, but when it's over it is kinda sad that we won't be spending hours late into the night up at the church crunching to get everything just right. My sweet mother ran up to the school with me afterwards... in.the.dark. so that I could get my sub plans layed out juuuuuust perfectly. I'm prett anal when it comes to leaving my students with other people. While I know that things will be okay, i'm suuuuch a planner that it really gives me some anxiety to make sure that it's all layed out right. It's easier to just be there instead of take a day, but it's also so very biblical to rest. I definitely need a day to not only rest, but get some things done that I don't typically have time for (like oil change, tire rotation, shopping, cleaning my bedroom, etc..). But i'm definitely going to miss my kids. As the anxiety tried to creep in this afternoon when I had to leave my sub plans unfinished and the thoughts came flooding that it would be much easier to just beeee at school, I took a moment to turn it into a positive thought. I wouldn't be so concerned with getting my plans just right if I didn't care about my kids. And the fact that I want to be there instead of take a day once again fills my heart will joy, praise and thanks. I still wouldn't trade knowing He lead me there and that His passion and peace keep me going. He is good! I am nothing without You, Jesus. Be with my students tomorrow and my sub. Help me to find rest, yet to get some things done that need to be done. Life feels a little hectic here lately.... constantly going here and there. Will you help me see what doesn't need to be or how to manage time? I don't want to get so caught up in everything that I miss my purpose in You. Please allow your Reality and Truth to sink deep into my soul. Every area of my mind that needs to be replaced with bold confidence... Lord, please do for Your glory. I desire to know you more passionately and intimately with each day. To continue to taste and see that You are good... Praise Your Name!

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