Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Proposal

Mark is one of those "I so don't want to be predictable" guys...

and boy did it work out well today!!

We have, what we call, Wacky Wednesday Meetings every Wednesday to meet as a whole team and do lesson plans for the next week.  For some reason this week we changed planning times with the Third Grade team.  We were meeting at the very end of the day instead of first thing in the morning. 

When we started our meeting one of the Reading Interventionist who leads our meeting announced that we were going to be leaving a little early to go watch a First Grade Teacher do a Writing lesson.

I thought to myself, 'we just went to a writing workshop on that very thing... why are we going to watch her teach?  Did someone get confused when teaching it this week and want to see it in action? When did they decide this?  I never got an email!' 

I even turned to our Assisstant Principal who was sitting next to me and asked, "Are we all going to her classroom? Like, all 14 of us?  That's a lot of teachers in one tiny classroom full of children!!"

A few minutes into our planning time the teacher sitting next to me got up and left the room for what I assumed was a phone call.  Little did I know the receptionist in the office sent her a text to let her know that Mark was there and ready to set things up.

She went to get my kids out of PE and took them to my classroom to introduce them to Mark and my sister.  She also explained to them what Mark was going to be doing.  Here are their faces...

So we finish up our meeting and grab all of our things to head to "watch this lesson" done by a First Grade teacher. 

Now, we have four halls and each hall contains a different grade level of kids; kinder hall, first grade hall, etc..  I am the "overflow" Kindergarten teacher who just happens to be on the First Grade hall.  We had to pass my room to get to this first grade teachers classroom. 

As we are walking by my classroom my Assisstant Principal turned to me and said, "Oh, Megan, can you grab your writing planner I left mine on my desk and don't want to walk all the way up to the office to get it..." 

When I opened the door, my students were all standing there holding a long sign that said, "Miss Kilgore, Will you marry Mark?"

The first thing that came out was a huge gasp and SHUT UP!!!! 

Yep.  I said the "s" word infront of my students!!

It all happened so fast and there were so many thoughts going through my head.  Like - who is that girl holding that video camera? (my sister) and where is Mark? (I didn't see him at first)  Am I suppose to call him?  Is this really happening today? That's why YOU left our meeting early?!

I finally saw him to the side on his knee and like my normal "blonde" self asked, "Oh my gosh, what are you doing here?"

He explained that he was there to see if I would marry him!  I fumbled to get my true love waits ring off and he slipped my PERFECT ring on in its place! 

I have ALWAYS said that he is the SWEETEST, most THOUGHTFUL man I have ever met.  He is five years older than I am and I am so thankful, not only, that he is established and mature, but that he waited all these years on me.  

Here is a look back at my list that I felt lead to do a few years ago in faith to God -

My Future Husband will...
Love the Lord with all his heart and stand firm in what he believes
Know what he believes and why (and that it would align with my beliefs)
Be accepted by my family and get along with them extremely well - especially my father
Make me laugh, but know when to be serious

If you know Mark well, you know he is all of those things and more...

And, in true Mark style the proposal was... very unpredictable  :)

Thank you babe for putting so much thought into it... even though I got frustrated with time issues and asked you to marry me first a few weeks ago ;)  You did PERFECT!!  Thank you for your continued patience and for reminding me so much of Christ's love!

Thank you to my wonderful team, principals, and EVERYONE at North that made this possible - not to mention, kept it secret for WEEKS!  You made this chick feel extremely blessed!

Thank you to my family (and many friends) who encouraged me to "keep this one around because something in your spirit says he is it"  :)

Thank you Lord for simply being You. You are so faithful.  May You have every bit of the glory...

In the specific, powerful name of Jesus.


Christina said...

That is beautiful Megan! I am so happy for you guys!!!

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