Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh Say, Can You See?

My mom was born with a muscle imbalance and had glasses by the age of 2. With all the cleaning we've been doing around the house, we stumbled across the glasses.
Here they are next to a contact case so you can get a better picture of how small they are.
And of course we had to try them on... and laugh!
Except Casie kills me because she looks beautiful in every picture... even if the glasses are 10 times to small, super old, and crooked.
Is this picture not the cutest picture ever?
I don't have the priveledge of wearing glasses like mom, dad, and Casie do. I'm sure my time is coming soon... now I won't have to wonder what i'll look like in the future.
That picture is so embaressing, but mom adores it so I had to post it.

When you watch this video pay close attention to Casie's eyes. I'm pretty sure she blinks a total of 20 times and may even be cross-eyed at one point. You may want to scroll down and stop the Playlist at the bottom of the page.

Hope you enjoyed that as much as we did. We were laughin' our stinkin' heads off!

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