Tuesday, August 11, 2009

End of the Summer Update

Well summer is coming to end and i'm a little sad! There is something about summer that is so relaxing and refreshing - it's by far my favorite season! I figured i'd give a little update (in pictures) about what's been going on around our household while i'm actually in town for the evening!
One of our favorite things to do as a family is camp! People always make fun of us because what we do is really not even worthy of being called 'camping' or 'roughing it', but nevertheless we truly enjoy it! Not having to worry about schedules, places to be, demands, nothing to distract your attention.... a ton, a ton, of family time!
Yes! Our dog has a life jacket!
Mom is totally enjoying her new barge!
Dad had to see if he could still slolem before he turned one year older!
We've had so much fun hanging out with friends on the water this summer!

We've gone out on the barge many times this past week to watch the sunset as a family! It's absolutely beautiful! Isn't this blue strip the coolest?
This one's pretty amazing as well!
We'll finish up camping this coming Sunday and then get ready for plenty of meetings to prepare for work!

My best friend from OBU whose name, oddly enough, is Megan got married this past weekend and I got the priveledge of being apart of her big day! I've never been more excited for someone to get married! Seeing her again brought back so many memories of the fun times we had together! I miss her so much! Here is a picture of our suite - minus Cori - reunited after 3 years... oh, how I miss the old days!
I don't know if i've mentioned it on my blog yet, but i'll be working at an Elementary school here in town on the Kindergarten Team! The principal called me up a few weeks ago and offered me the job! I'm excited at all that i'll learn, but in the meantime my online classes are still going strong! Those will come to a close at the end of September! I'm taking a test on the 9th of September, so if you think about, say a little prayer!
I added a new link on my side bar - (in)courage! It sounds like it's going to be an awesome place to click over and visit so maybe you should check it out for yourself. There were 20 or so women who were asked to write/share and be apart of (in)courage... three of which are - Emily from Chatting at the Sky, The Nester, and Angie from Bring the Rain. You can click on their names to read more about this new blog site!


The Roberts Family said...

i'm praying for you today!

Christina said...

What beautiful pictures!
The one of y'all tubing is hilarious.