Friday, July 31, 2009

A Small World

Well, I finished up my 3 weeks of Summer Institute Training at Region 7 for my teaching certification today, and what a stinkin' relief that is. I feel like my brain is on overload with online classes and summer school - everything I type or say I feel like I need to go back and fix the grammar and punctuation. Good thing i'm too tired to care right now! My dreams are even about school and my students... it's too much really!

On the second day of class we were doing a conga line activity where we had to meet our partner, tell how we learned to read, and then dance through the conga line. I thought I was being smart by picking the middle of the line so I wouldn't have to be the one to 'dance' through the line infront of complete strangers, but our teacher was tricky! She picked a random person from the center of the line and made her 'conga' her way through! When she passed me I recognized her name tag and immediately thought, 'i've read your blog before...' but really, how do you approach someone with that statement? Hello - freak!

During my lunch break I called Cari to make sure this was the right person - yes mam it is! Cari's sister-in-law, Rebecca - The Washington Walkers, is one of the blogs that I frequent and a woman that I totally admire because she seems so very strong. Well she has a sister who also blogs... and she just happened to be going through the same certification program that I am! I'm sure I totally caught her off guard and might have even creeped her out, but what a stinkin' small world... and a really cool story! You know it's sad when you start to recognize people from the blogworld!

Great job doing the Conga, Amy! Glad it was you and not me! :)

These are a few of my other friends - Karann and Kandie! Kandie will be teaching at the same school that I will be working at. Still such a small world!
And sweet sweet Sara who makes her own jewelry! She had one of those personalities that was just encouraging - you know?

I'm going to miss all the friends i've made these past 3 weeks! Who knew school could be that much fun! If only I knew how to write a lesson plan.... sigh!

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Amy B from Bullard said...

Reading this just about made my day! We need to keep in touch!