Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Remember that garage sale we had at the beginning of June?

Well, these beautiful curtains were not sold in it... but they were a part of what led to us having a garage sale in the first place. What did they have to do with the garage sale? Well, Mom wanted to enjoy her craft room and actually be able to use it, but there was so much junk in there that is was nearly impossible. We (she) needed to get rid of a bunch of "things" that were not being used and only taking up space so that we (she) could then use the room for what it was intended to be in the first place. Because 3 weeks ago this is what the room looked like -

How does one think or stay focused with that much clutter around them?

I'm not sure you would be able to find anything in that room. Note to self - organization is key.

The only reason I post these pictures is because there is actual progress that is being made. Otherwise it would be incredibly cruel and embaressing to post pictures of a completely over-stuffed room that has no purpose. I plan to post before, during, and after pictures of mom's cute, organized, up-to-date craft room... with, i'm sure, really awesome curtains!

Maybe it'll encourage you to tackle that room in your home that everything gets thrown into... or maybe not!

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