Thursday, July 16, 2009


Sadly (read with sarcasm), with summer school and all, i'm not able to help out with the peeling back of the floor, wiping down of the walls, clearing out of the room process that mom is pretty much doing all by herself during the day.

Is there a reason the curtains are still up?

This was the wall that had the sewing desk, dresser, and then baskets hanging above.

This wall had the table that attached to the wall and folded down when you weren't using it (or when junk wasn't piled on it). This room is right off the kitchen/dining room and that door actually leads to the garage. I have so many ideas swimming in my head of what this room could be turned into - like a mud room since it's right off the garage... you could have a nice bench or something with cute little cubby holes underneath for every member in your family to drop off items in, an individual hook for every member to hang jackets or caps on, oh the endless possibilities. But this isn't my house and it's not my choice, so I keep my dreams to myself (or share them with you).
A little tiny storage closet that really and truly could be torn down, but mom insists that she needs 2 closets in this room. The wall in the picture below originally had all those shelves and the desk underneath - they have been removed and tossed as you can see!

Mom worked all day yesterday peeling the floor... the remains are in those boxes. Here is a picture to show you what the old floor looked like - you have the kitchen/dining room tile, the old black n white floor from the craft room and now the black concrete underneath.

And because this is a big deal and needs to be documented... here is a lil' video of mom - you know, just to monitor her progress and keep her motivated!

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