Saturday, July 4, 2009

Changing Focus

We are in Mississippi visiting the Kilgore side of the family and celebrating the 4th. (Don't you like how the photo has both the Mississippi bridge and the Flag - so appropriate for that first sentence) The trip wasn't planned around Independence Day, it just ended up being the only weekend we could make it down here this summer.

As i sit here typing at the computer my family is gathered around the piano 10 feet away singing hymns. They probably don't realize how much it touches my heart... but I am soaking it in from across the room. Sometimes I worship better when i'm not the one singing. Ever have moments like that?

It takes about 6 hours to travel all the way over here to MamaBillie and PapaBill's house. I brought plenty of books to keep me occupied on our journey; one of those being, Heaven is Real by Don Piper - the author of 90 Minutes in Heaven.

While I was reading on their backporch this morning I was convicted at how much I take for granted. I had to stop reading and verbally tell the Lord thank you for so many simple things in my life.

Thank You for another day, for legs that were able to get me out of bed and help me walk each and every day, for arms and hands that make so many things possible (even things as simple as hugging others), for eyes to see everything You have created, for ears to hear my family sing, for the ability to taste food, for family even though sometimes it's extremely hard... and thank You for breaks in the everyday routine that make us stop and focus on the truly important.

What are you thankful for today?

I read an email back in November where a woman was intentionally changing her focus - instead of seeing the huge load of laundry piled on the kitchen table, she thanked God for providing clothes for her family.

May we stop today when we'd rather complain and turn our response into some kind of praise and thanks to the Father!

Happy 4th of July - family, friends, food, and fireworks!

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