Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

Miss Kilgore and her stop sign! Haha! The 7 boys that I had to walk down the block and across the street were trying to tell me how to hold it properly. "You're suppose to hold it straight out so we don't get hit by the cars..." Really, thanks!

We actually had some free time at work today so we took a few pictures!

Diane wouldn't smile so I started talking to her like you do when you want an infant to smile at the camera. Totally got her!

This is my first bulletin board to "decorate" so I wanted to get a picture for keepsakes! This board is in the hallway just as you enter the front door to the school... slightly nerve-racking that everyone sees it.

The joys of working with your mother! (This picture was her idea, by the way. And no, that mask is NOT touching my face. You think i'd be that crazy with the flu going around?)

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