Sunday, September 20, 2009

Together Again

My brother and his girlfriend came in this weekend so we went spent Saturday evening at the boardwalk. It's been a while since we've all been together so, being the camera freak that I am, I made sure to get a picture. Timers are fabulous!

This picture makes me laugh and i'm not sure why... I guess because we're all just standing there lined up? Who knows.

Stacy and Brandon enjoying company before dinner!

This picture makes my heart happy! Don't you love the tiny body and large head? I think it's so cool looking! haha!

Me: "Is there a reason you still have that sticker on there?" Dad: "Because I like it. I leave stickers on my golf clubs, fishing poles, and now my hats." Me: "Alrighty, then!"

Fabulous Sisters!

I was told to wear red to support the Raiders. "Oh, i'll do more than that sista... I'll get my guns up!"

So not a football fan.

Got a little rivalry going on. A Texas Alumn, mom, and a major Tech fan, Casie!

This picture is just for laughs. Please tell me that you fell on the floor laughing when you saw Casie's face. Is that not HILARIOUS?

It's great to be together as a family again! What a fun evening filled with many laughs and much conversation!

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Casie said...

hahahahaha that last picture makes my day! i kinda look like Brandon lol