Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Can I just say that I absolutely LOVE my job? Everything is going great and it's so much fun! I'm definitely more comfortable with the kindergartener's. I guess that's where my heart is right now, but who knows how things might change with time.

This morning I got to help individual students learn their ABC's - not just being able to sing the song, but recognizing the letter and matching the sound. That was such a thrill! Watching them learn is so neat!

My online courses are still in progress as well; two and a half more weeks and they'll be over.

Beginning this month I'll have to attend a workshop the second Saturday of every month for the next (school) year. There are observation hours that need to be done, testing, and so much more... but i'm making it. Amazingly!

It feels so good to see myself go after something. Sadly, i'm the type of person who waits for things to fall into her lap. But that's so not the case with this teaching deal. I'm putting my faith out there and learning to trust God with each step.

Next Wednesday, September 9th, I take my Generalist EC-4 Exam so if you think about it i'd love your prayers. I'm scared to even talk about it because i'm so afraid that i'm going to fail it. I've thought many times of not even mentioning it to people, that way if I fail no one will even know about it.... but here I am mentioning it.

Life is pretty hectic right now - I feel like i'm going nonstop, but I love where I am!

O Yeah! Yall, guess what? The Nester commented on my blog.... how cool is that? She's like a REAL blogger - like has hundreds of followers/visitors and gets paid to blog. And she commented on my Use What You Have Post. That is so neat! It's like a blog celeb!

Thank You, Lord, for being in control.... even when things seem to be going 90 miles an hour. You know me, You know my struggles, and You know my heart - i'm desperate for You. Help me to give it all to You! Thank You so much for all that You're teaching me. You are so faithful and i'm so unworthy!

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