Friday, March 12, 2010

My Language

Okay Okay. I know you've been sitting on the edge of your chair waiting to see what my love language was... so with no further a due, here we go.

My highest ranking was a tie between Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

This came as no surprise to me! If you had asked me 3 or 4 years ago I would have told you my language was physical touch, but after analyzing how deep that ran and where it came from I realized that it was not indeed the truth. Words of Affirmation is me to a T.

Ask my family what my routine is when I get dressed every day. They'll tell you that I typically ask them how I look and if they like my outfit. Hearing their words will not determine if I choose the outfit or not because i'm confident enough to be myself, but it will make me feel that much cooler and loved!! :) ha!

Knowing this about myself explains so much about my 'acceptance' issues in high school. I wouldn't let anyone in unless I had first heard from their mouth that I was good enough to be their friend. You could hug me, give me gifts, or offer to carry my books, but until you spoke some kind of words to me that showed me that you liked who I was then I wouldn't let you in or feel safe. So interesting!

It also is interesting because if I were to tell you which act of discipline worked best for me personally, I would have to tell you the things my parents said to me was enough to get the point across to me. My heart sunk when I heard words of disappointment, disapproval, anger, etc.. No need to ground me or spank me, you can say something to me in just the right tone and you've done enough.

Your words will stick for a good while (possibly forever), but not because i'm angry or hurt. Just because that's who I am!

And on the opposite end, my lowest was Receiving Gifts. Which is pretty funny! Don't get me wrong, I like a nice gift every now and then, but really and truly they make me incredibly uncomfortable. Because I don't know how to say thank you back... especially if I don't really like the gift... because i'm a words girl and I can't lie to you. I won't say something unless I mean it; Excuse me if that's harsh. I definitely don't mean it that way.

It's also hard for me to give gifts. I do enjoy shopping for others and surprising them (every now and then), but I don't want to be around when they receive or open the gift. Totally makes sense now!

So for future reference.... don't spend your money on me, you'll speak more love to me (and save yourself a few bucks) by offering a few words of encouragement or complimenting something you've seen in me! :)

1 comment:

CDJ said...

well, shucks....
I just bought you a diamond necklace but I guess i'll take it back now...and I was gonna come give you a hug and then clean your bathroom & wash your car this afternoon, but I guess that can wait...

Now what?
I guess I could just tell you that you are a very enjoyable friend! You are comfy and classy; sensitive & talented.

Two words: You totally rock! (I threw that extra word in FoFree!!!)
loveya...hope they give me my money back on that jewelry...