Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Language Do You Speak?

There was a post tonight on the (in)courage website about Gary Chapman's book The Five Love Languages. (Wow, there were a ton of links in that one sentence! Took me a good minute to get that one down.) I'm all about some love languages and figuring out who is what. I think it's the teacher in me that likes to analyze and assess every one and every situation. Details. Picking things a part. Planning. Oh yes!! :)

An old friend made me take this test a few years back and I almost had an anxiety attack in the process. I'm not good with analyzing myself.... or I wasn't at the time. I think entirely too hard and too long when trying to decide which speaks more love to me. It's probably best to go with my first instinct. When I got my results back then I sat there going, Really? Is that me? What if I lied? What if I was wrong? What if i'm more this? Do you think I really.....

And now your blood pressure probably sky rocketed and you feel anxiety rising in your chest. You're welcome!

Anywho, tonight I read the questions out loud to Casie, just for fun, to see what her love language was. It didn't take her near as long as it took me the first time I sat down to do it. Ha.

She tied for her highest score with Physical Touch and Quality Time. Which explains why she never notices when I clean the bathroom every afternoon. Because Acts of Service speak zero love to her. That was her lowest ranking language - Acts of Service. Which also explains why she never feels obligated to do the laundry or unload the dishwasher.

Do you know your love language? Maybe i'll share mine later.... :) I'm sure you're dying to know!


Casie said...

umm excuse me?? EVERYDAY?? i think not! lol that's why i found your clothes laying in there the other morning when i went to the bathroom and was like hrmm...."i like how she gets upset when i leave clothes in here but then again she does the same thing"
Megan's words when asked bout the clothes: "i was running late this morning when i got ready"
casie: yeah that explains why they laid there for a couple of days....

Love you! :-)

Megan said...

But see.... I come home every day and tidy up the counter and throw the dirty towels in my bedroom (on the huge pile that is still currently there)! I didn't do it as an act of service to you, but it was always interesting to me that you never said anything about it (or did it yourself). But now I completely understand.

And just to clarify, it doesn't hurt me, bother me, or make me angry. I enjoy cleaning/tidying the bathroom - it's the most organized part of the house and takes less than a minute every day!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your honesty with each other!
And yes I totally agree that you are what your love language reuslts said you are.

Love you girls,