Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Show and Tell

My plan was to do my Jillian workout (The Shred) and then run a mile so that I would have 30 minutes of exercise in for the day, but instead I sat down at the computer and found these quick 8 minute workouts. Just thought i'd share the ones I enjoyed. And by enjoyed I mean, felt a burn and thought it would be worth your time! Because let's face it - some workouts can be down right cheesy and worthless.

8 Minute Abs - An Aerobic Workout. My parents used to have all of these workouts on VHS. I have zero clue if they could be located in our house right now. Good thing you can find just about anything on the internet now days.

These next two videos are work outs from Professional Fitness Trainer Autumn Calabrese. Not sure who she is, but the workout was intense. My toosh was burnin!

Working Out Your Butt :) yes mam! Can we change the name to Working Your Butt Off?

Exercise To Trim Your Hips - I didn't actually do this one, but if it's anything like the bottom workout then it's great!


The Roberts Family said...

wow..that was tough!..the ab one made my neck hurt! I don't think i do crunches properly! But i love the other one!

Megan said...

Yeah, I realized a few months ago that I did crunches incorrectly all throughout high school.

It helps if you look at the ceiling when you're laying down and then when you come up to crunch keep your eyes on the ceiling..... kinda hard to explain, but it helps you not to strain your neck.

I've also heard someone say to LITERALLY put the weight of your head in your hands and hold your head up.

By the way, I purchased one of those body balls (that you can do ab exercises and other stuff on) and LOVE it! Plus, did you know if you sit on a beach ball about 1/4 of the way blown up it helps improve your posture? (It also keeps your mover kids controlled because they have to balance and think they're playing a game!!!)

Alright. Novel over.

The Roberts Family said...

oh man..i just thought the butt one hurt...the hip one was akiller! :)

Megan said...

.... just did the hip one.... oh help me.