Thursday, February 12, 2009

Priscilla Prayer

Can We Talk? Soul-stirring conversations with God by Priscilla Shirer
A prayer taken from pages 96-97

FATHER, Open the eyes of my heart. I want to see clearly and come to a full knowledge of who You have declared me to be. I am grateful to know that I know that in You, my past does not define me; my weakness and past performance do not limit me; and the opinions of others do not restrict Your power in my life. I confess my tendency to allow these things to blind my identity in You. Thank You for redefining who I am. Please enable me to believe what You have spoken over me. Lord, I want to be enlightened to know the great hope of Your calling me, the glorious riches You have for me, the amazing inheritance that You have given me, and the power that is available to me everyday. I refuse to live another day clothed in the very things You died to free me from. This week, as You speak to me through Your Word and whipser to me by Your Spirit, remind me of who I am in You so I can begin to live fully from that place of significance. Uncover the deep hidden recesses of my heart that are filled with the negative and errant strongholds that keep me from recognizing my true identity. Help me to trust in and rely on my God-given image from this day forward. Thank You for taking me from being a pauper to a princess. Now help me to live every day as the royalty that I am in You.

In the name of my Father, the King, AMEN.

Some of my favorite parts of this Bible study have been her meaningful, heartfelt-pleas to our Father.

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