Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simple Woman Daybook

For Today, Tuesday February 24, 2009....

Outside my window... dark, empty backyard. It's been pretty chilly the past few days. I'm so ready for spring weather; capris, flip flops, bermudas, you know!

I am thinking... that we live in an extremely fallen world and so many people need Jesus; and need the Truth about Jesus. Sometimes it's scary all the things that are out there. Lord, we are desperate for You. Help us ignorant human beings to see the Light. Protect us from false teachings and false prophets.

I am thankful for... James. He has had the biggest influence on my life. And i can say that statement and mean it with all my heart. I don't know what it is, but God continually teaches me things through him. I am so thankful for the past 2 years that i have been able to grow and be sharpened through his relationship with Christ.

From the learning rooms... well, i got my tests back that i took in all of my classes. I'm not too happy about one of them. It was a take-home open-book test and you could work with your class mates. I have a 100 written and circled on my paper.... and then crossed out. Then beside it i have a 75. He claims that it is because my answer was EXACTLY the same as someone elses. And he is correct. But there were zero bad intentions involved. I wouldn't be an idiot and flat out cheat and copy someones tests. I'm not that stupid. He said we could work together, and that is what we did - he never said anything about wording our answers differently. We read through the book, found the answer, and wrote it. I'll get over it. I'm just upset that the teacher is claiming that he said something that he never truly said - that BOTHERS me. And he could have left that 100 off of my page. I didn't need to know that i 'would have' made a 100 if it was worded differently. I would have been just fine without ever having that piece of information. My friend is going to speak with the professor to make sure that he knows our intentions were pure; that's what really matters.
I'm glad i could get that out. haha.

From the kitchen... I made banana bread for my mother last night because she's sick and i just really wanted to love her in one of the only ways i know possible. I plan on sweeping tomorrow, unloading/loading the dishwasher, and then cleaning off the clutter from the cabinets.
I am wearing... Red and grey sporty lookin' fitted tee, black comfy shorts, pink/red house shoes, and my hair is pushed back with a head band and up in a pony tail. Zero make up once again. Laziness has so crept in. Or more like has grown.

I am creating... some ideas for my bathroom once again. I'm not doing anything drastic, don't worry! haha. Just moving things around, adding a few things here an there to give it a different feel. I just haven't fallen in love with a shower curtain and that makes or breaks a bathroom. I added a basket (on the toilet) with a few items that kind of look spa-y!

I am going... to work on my Congregational Song Test in a few minutes. Then try to get motivated to do more homework and if i can't get motivated enough for that i'll finish my show from last night and read. A friend should be calling to talk about a few things tonight - we'll see if that happens.

I am reading... Can We Talk? Priscilla - it's the last week for this dude. Is it bad that i'm almost ready for it to be over? I really loved week one and one other random week in there, but other than that i'm tired. I need some kind of revival in my quiet time area. I want to get back to flat out reading the BIBLE... passionately. I miss it. Nobody given me a direction, or ideas to think about... just me reading to see what He says.
I will really miss seeing this friend every week and hearing her thoughts. I can't get enough of other peoples wisdom, thoughts, testimonies. I mean it when i say that - it does something to my heart and it just sticks. I love it!
I am hoping... to get my body on board with my mind. I love planning and organizing, but i have a really hard time getting over that initial hump to get moving. Or i guess carrying things out. Laziness is a big weakness of mine, and what's even worse is that i know this about myself and can even see myself doing it. Ahhh i hate it. I'm trying to push myself so hard, because i truly deep down like being productive, it's so fulfilling and i love that me. There's just something about making that first step towards it that is so hard for me. I don't know if i'm making sense.

I am hearing... complete silence.... really. I mean i can hear my computer hum, the big trucks on the Interstate, and obviously the keys as i type, but when i just sit here it's SO quiet. I don't like it. Every now and then it'd be a wonderful thing, but it seems to be a very regular thing around this house hold and i'm not really into it anymore.

Around the house... mom is still trudging through her sickness, but she's actually going back to work tomorrow. Dad is watching tv or something. Casie is at school and Brandon is at work. I have so much stuff i need to do tomorrow around the house. I have my 'To Do List' already made - if only i carry it out.

One of my favorite things... listening to Casting Crowns. I think a lot of it is because i read Mark Hall's book LifeSong and can't forget some of the things he has said. He seems like such a genuine man who loves the Lord and wants people to know Christ. You need to read his book, it will change the way you listen to his music.... i know it has for me.

A few plans for the rest of the week... bible study tomorrow morning, cleaning around the house tomorrow, working on homework for school, Adult Choir, teaching in class on Thursday, subbing and Rehearsal dinner on Friday, Nathan and I are singing in a wedding on Saturday, and then MP3 on Sunday. Seems like a packed full week, but really when i think about how lazy i am, it's SO not busy. Everything will get done with plenty of time to spare if i use my time wisely.

Here is a picture thought i am sharing... is it okay if i don't share a picture today? I'm not really in the mood and i should really get to my homework. Have a GREAT week and if you want to participate or read other Daybooks, visit this site.

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