Monday, June 7, 2010

The Brother Got Hitched

I know that i've been known as the camera freak, but can you believe that I didn't get hardly any of the pictures that I wanted to. No picture of Brandon by himself. No picture of the Bride and Groom on the big day. No family photo. It's a tragedy. I didn't want to be annoying; there was so much going on and I hated to interupt all of the conversations. Plus, most of the day the camera wasn't even in my posession. Many different people took the following photos; there are explanations with each below. Enjoy our weekend in pictures!

I thought the church was precious! The front doors were just screaming for a photo opt, but we had no time and no takers. Sadness.

Here are Brandon and Stacy after the rehearsal dinner.

This is Chase, Brandon's best friend through out high school and room-mate his first two years of college. We were extremely excited that he was able to be there!

This was taken just before rehearsal. And yes, the sister and I have on the exact same shoes; we might as well be twins.

Family Fun in the Elevator!

After we had dinner we headed to the Family Life Center at the church and had a little sports action. It was really a lot of fun!

Rise and Shine! This picture just makes me laugh, so I had to post it. Rolling out of bed on the morning of our brother's wedding! Here we go...

Getting ready at the church only an hour away from the big moment!

The mother of the groom pinning on her own flower deal. I will not attempt to spell that word correctly.

All dressed and ready - Isn't she adorable?

Brandon's Ring.

Stacy's dress and new sisters!!!

Hangin' out at the Reception.

The blue turned out really pretty.

Brandon and Papa - my mom's father.

Sisters with the groom before he starts to mingle!

The purpose of this photo is to show you mom's dress. Doesn't she looks so shnazzy?! If I could whistle I totally would insert that here.

The Bridesmaids - the tall ones are Stacy's sisters. And I win the award for being the shortest.

We just discovered that our dresses had pockets, literally moments before we had to take them off.
This was the only "family" photo that was taken the entire day (besides the photos the professional photographer took).

And here we are in their backyard.

Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Kilgore Residence. Such a cute first home!

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looks like fun! can't wait to catch up tomorrow..i mean work on VBS songs ;)