Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Commitment

We all have our area of weakness. You know, the one place you feel like the enemy crouches and continually tries to get you. Sometimes the enemy doesn't have to do anything at all. We are held captive by our own fear of the past in that area. It's easier to blame him, but many times it's our own sin, or lack of faith.

For me, it's commitment.

I'm slowly becoming aware and learning this about myself. I see the walls up when it comes to relationships, and as soon as I accept something huge (like a job) my mind is tempted to go into freak out mode.

Most people say let the past be the past and don't keep hashing through, and for the most part I agree. But there are instances when you need to go back and figure out where things fell apart so that you can move forward. The past can help you be prepared for the future - not beating yourself up about it, but being honest and real with what happened. I firmly believe the Lord has to bring us to a place when we're ready to hash through.

It is clear to me where mine all began. Now i'm continually begging and believing Him for my healing.

Sometimes people make fun of me and crack jokes about how I think too much (and for the record it's 10 times better than it used to be), but really what it is is me trying to make sure that i'm being real and genuine in everything I do. There was a season of my life when so much doubt consumed my mind that I didn't know who I was, what I believed in, or what I even wanted anymore.

When I'm asked to take commitments or start a relationship i'm very guarded and hesitant because I want to make sure that everything I do and say is completely honest and genuine.

What if I take that job and realize that I hate it? Is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I love this... really? And if I find out that I dont, does that mean i've been living a lie?

Waiting for a teaching position was the easy part for me. I placed my faith in Him and just knew that I didn't have, or need, to worry about it. Accepting the position and letting it become official has been hard.

I keep reminding myself of the same Truth's that He has shown me over the past year... and i'm continually speaking the name of Jesus outloud. The Lord has shown me that absolute freedom is real.... and i'm believing Him for it.

I refuse to do nothing. My fear could keep me bound if i let it. If I let my fear of commitment take over I would never take a job or think about having a husband one day; all because I might wake up and realize that I hate what i'm doing, and then beat myself up that i'd claim to be someone that I wasn't. It seems silly to others, but it's my weakness.

So I trust all of my decisions and circumstances over to Him. He is God and I need to only be still and trust Him. Where I am right now in life is my reality. And whatever i'm doing i'm going to pray for His passion to carry me through. If I wake up and hate it.... atleast I know I tried and I'll wait for Him to lead me some where else.

Run away from your fears? Or press into Him?

Oddly enough... there is freedom in that raw place. That raw, open, vulnerable place of surrender. He is bigger than anything that tries to hold you captive. Think on Him, not the fear.


joven said...

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Iya Russ_JJPNathan said...

Dear Megan,

i really like your blog, it's going to take some reading for me to catch up with you, but i find you r comforting in your style already... I am an artist from Barbados, i have recently started my own blog,

... sounds cheezy i know :P but i think u will like them... ... please visit me... Sincerely Iya Russ ... Jah Bless from the Caribbean...

Sophia said...

I like your blog, Megan. And I like the fact that you admit that life with God isn't easy all the time. Keep it up!

Iya Russ_JJPNathan said...

this is so true, in fact from the day i noticed God all things in my life have changed, they have been very challenging, living in faith is no easy road... the effectiveness is that as consequence we learn to appreciate those "important things" in our lives more, we become more aware and humble, a Jedi training of sorts - getting us ready ... Jah Bless thank you for visiting me ...