Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Days Drifting Away

Summer is suppose to be the time of year when everything slows down and you relax. Mine has yet to be so.

Friday was our last day of school and, amazingly, I made every single one of the deadlines that I was suppose to.

Saturday brought beautiful sunny weather, a nice wedding shower for one of my best friends, and the news of a teaching position for next Fall.

A meeting for my summer job took up my Sunday afternoon, and then my evening was spent planning for an upcoming event.

It was an early morning rise on Monday as the summer program for Boys and Girls Club began. I'm the 5 and 6 year old (Kindergarten) teacher for the next two months. Monday evening I was almost at tears when I realized that I probably shouldn't have taken a summer position. Exhaustion (and stress) had finally hit. I've given myself, literally, no break - school ended, summer program began, and then my last day at B&G is my first day at the school.... my first year of teaching. Somehow I know He'll carry me through.

My brother and his wife came in to visit this week. How weird does that sound? We had really nice conversation and got to hear all about their honey moon. His hand still doesn't look right with that ring on it. Just sayin'.

Today I made a really exciting purchase. One of our furniture stores is going out of business and I managed to get a couch and love seat originally priced at $1800 for a yummy $900. It's Eurecka Chocolate, which is like a medium brown neutral color, with red/brown/creme accent pillows. It's so very me and what I absolutely love about it is that I can change the accent pillows whenever I want a redo.

I don't even have a house yet, but with my own money i've slowly gathered things here and there so that i'll be ready. I guess i'm just strange like that. So far I have my bedroom completely covered, my bathroom completely covered, a dining room table (that I got for free - and it's really pretty) and now my couches! And what's even more exciting is that i'm still debt free! :)

This weekend we have a shower for Brandon and Stacy - i'm really glad we get to see them twice in one week!!!

Next week is Vacation Bible School, Mega-Sports Camp, and a childhood friends wedding. Sunday is reserved for a huge nap.

So there you have it.... not sure you wanted to be, but now you are up to date with my "summer" thus far.

My evenings are classified as lame. I spend them in the recliner reading Harry Wong's Classroom Management and The First Days of School. What is happening to me...

Jesus, will You be my portion? When i'm exhausted to the point of tears and not sure I can love or have patience with one more child. Will You be my passion throughout my summer and into my first year of teaching. You know my heart... I don't want to do anything unless i'm wholly committed and completely passionate. Calm my heart and ease my mind that tempts to worry over commitments. You are what I need. Thank You for being You. In the precious, Holy, specific, peace bringing name of Jesus Christ.

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