Sunday, April 26, 2009

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For today Sunday, April 26, 2009...

Outside my window... the sky is such a pretty dark blue and the moon is very thin. Extremely pretty! The weather is nice despite the fact that the wind is still blowin' away.

I am thinking... that snakes are NOT cool. I do not like the fact that there could be one within a few feet of where I am walking and me not even be aware of it. Dad killed 3 today, 2 of which were by the back door. CREEP ME OUT! We ran (literally) through the back yard to go visit my grandparents tonight (in the dark) and I cannot express to you how high my anxiety level was in that moment. I begged dad to give me a piggy back ride, but he REFUSED.

I am thankful for... people who openly share their doubts and struggles. When people are transparent and honest it has the tendency to cause a domino effect with others. In God's word He says that no temptation has come upon us that is not common to man. People will continue to feel alone unless we are honest with ourselves and others.

From the learning rooms... I have finished my last college paper - How exciting is that? In my congregational song class we were asked to write an original hymn. Definitely was not thrilled with that assignment, but it's done. I have 3 finals this week and 2 notebooks that have to be turned in. Other than that Graduation is the next big thing - 5 days away!

From the kitchen... ummm honestly, no idea. I'm positive it hasn't been swept in a while, there are probably dishes in the sink, the counters are sure to be filled with clutter, and on and on and on. Cereal was for supper this evening. Blueberry Morning - have you ever had it?

I am wearing... hair in a pony tail, white t-shirt and white jacket, blue jeans, barefoot at the moment, and hardly any make up. After I wrote my paper this afternoon I decided a quick bath would be nice. I washed my face and didn't feel like putting anything back on it.

I am creating... this blog post. It seems like that's the thing to say when you have nothing else that you are creating.

I am going... to check my facebook and then head to bed once I finish this post. Gotta sub in the morning which means I need plenty of rest. Not to mention this is finals week - we need to go into the week WELL RESTED.

I am reading... my new NKJ bible. A few weeks ago I noticed that I couldn't find my NIV bible that I carry around in my purse. After about a month of looking and not being able to find it I decided to buy a new one. (more like ask for a new one for my birthday - you know i'm stiff with my money) I do miss have certain verses and passages underlined. I had been working on reading the bible completley through and was keeping track of it in that bible. Now it's gone and i have no idea where I was in my reading. Out of 66 books I think I had 4 left.... it'll be okay though!

I am hearing... the news on tv, the fan in the balcony room upstairs, and my laptop creek as I rock back and forth in this recliner. And now Casie just muted the TV so it's REALLY quiet.

I am hoping... to know Christ, truly truly know Him. To put to rest everything that is bothering me. To have a faith that moves mountains. To fall in love with Him and then eventually find the man He created me to grow old with. Despite my fears and everything I'm dealing with, I do have a desire somewhere deep within to love someone and to have a family. I just have this fear that I will never be good at it - it seems like all I do is mess up everything lately. I know that seems so tiny and silly, but yeah... I want to love someone SO bad and to be the best mommy ever - that stupid enemy keeps telling me i'll never be good enough. I dunno...

Around the house... mom and dad just headed to bed, China is lying on the floor beside me as I blog away, and Casie is sitting across the room reading her New Living Translation bible.

One of my favorite things... a clean face and clean teeth. Whenever I went through my depression I got into a really bad habit of not taking care of my hygeine. I know that may totally surprise and DISGUST some of you, but yes, it's true. I'm just getting into the habit to where I remember to wash my hands after using the restroom, brush my teeth morning/night and even during the day at times, and wash my face before bed every night. It was so easy for me to just crawl into bed, cry myself to sleep and neglect taking care of my body. Now you know a little more about me than you probably wanted to. But YAY for my face FEELING cleaner and I think maybe even looking healthier. And yay for clean teeth and nice smelling breath. haha! (If only I could care about my eye brows again. They never get any attention - i know you've noticed!)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Subbing Monday and Wednesday. Finals Monday night, Tuesday and Thursday. Picking up the kids on Thursday. Graduation practice on Friday. Family coming in on Friday evening (which means wash my sheets, vacuum my floor, dust my bookshelves and fan, clean clean clean the bathroom) and then Graduation on Saturday. At some point I HAVE to study.... we'll see. haha!

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Tori said...

I am so excited for you! I can't believe you are about to graduate! I remember the week before I graduated standing at the back of Port Caddo and crying and crying with Chris. I did not want to leave. Cari and Philip took pity on me and took us to El Chico to try and cheer me up. Praying for you this week! (I can't believe your mom was in Houston and didn't at least give us a call!!)