Thursday, April 23, 2009

Subway and Softball

Mom went with a friend to the scrapbooking convention in Houston and won't be back until late Saturday evening. With Casie living on Campus, Brandon's recent moving out, and mom's adventure that leaves dad and I alone at home. What shall we do?

Dad was in charge of supper. Any guesses on what was on the menu? I could have been an awesome child and planned to cook something, but with everything going on it never crossed my mind. He called at 4 to see if I was up for Subway and a softball game. Typical excuse for a dad 'cooking' supper and planning an evening with his child. haha! I'm just impressed that he called ahead of time to check with me. Bonding time here we come!

I got home around 4, prayed, tried to read the Word some, sat there feeling guilty and trying to think/pray more, and finally decided to lay my head on the arm of the chair and just go to sleep.... like always. Dad called around 5:30ish (waking me up) to tell me the final plans for the evening.

He got home around 6 and we headed out for Subway and Softball. I decided to order his usual at Subway and try it dad's way - i mean if you're gonna have a father/daughter night you might as well go all out. It was yummy!

The ETBU girls won their Softball game 2-1 and are currently #1 in the Nation. The weather made it the perfect evening to be outside.

Now we are back at home and i seriously need to take a shower. I can smell myself and that's just disgusting.

I have to SUB again tomorrow - which makes this my first FULL week of subbing. Welcome to life after college! My classes are officialy over, one final is complete, and the last 3 exams are scheduled for next week. Time is flying by and I seem to be missing so many opportunities that are right infront of my face. I can't believe i'm a week away from Graduation. It doesn't seem real.

Appearently there are more ball games scheduled for the weekend-with-dad. MHS Softball tomorrow night where I am blessed with the opportunity to sing the Anthem for Becks Senior night. And then another ETBU softball game on Saturday where I will sing at my last game as I cross over from an ETBU student to an alumni. It's senior day there as well!

We'll end our Father/Daughter weekend at Cameron's baseball game visiting with wonderful friends who make us feel so welcomed and loved! What a weekend!

Thank You, Lord, for an evening with my dad and for allowing me to put aside what i'd usually do and just be with him. Thank You for my dad. Be with mom and Diane as they attend their convention and if it be Your will bring them home safely. Surround my brother and everything that is going on in his life - i'm hurting for him Lord. We are so human and so lost. Please give us eyes, ears, and hearts that respond to Your guidance. Be with Casie as she finishes her first year of college and a second round of finals. And I beg for You in my own life.... You know me and no one can bring healing or fill me up but You - i'm desperate, Lord. I lift up every child that I encounter at school tomorrow, give me an extra ounce of Your love to spill over onto those children. In Your name I pray, Amen.

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