Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Dollar Fifteen

The garage sale turned out great! Everyone pretty much had the same reaction when they walked into the shop where we had everything set up. For not having a sale in over 20 years it was a little overwhelming, but we had a variety of things to offer. The first 4 hours flew by so quickly that I didn't even realize it was already lunch time. The constant steady flow kept me occupied.

When 3 o' clock rolled around, we grabbed our earnings and headed inside to see what we made. Mom had a goal in mind and we ended up making $5.36 over that by the end of the day! Hooray!

Since we already have everything set up we thought we might as well keep it in place and just plan to have another one in 2 weeks. We went through the 3 upstairs hallway storage closets, the media room storage closet, my bedroom and closet, a little of Casie's closet, and mom's craft room. We still have plenty of things (downstairs) we could get rid of so we might give it one more go! Do you think that's a crazy idea? We definitely aren't in the know when it comes to Yard Sales!

Mom deemed me in charge of money today, which totally made me nervous. The thought of someone standing there watching me add up their purchase, count out the right change, etc... that's an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

One of my first customers did not like the price that we gave her on one of her selections. It was a great price considering it had never been opened and was bought within the past year. Her total was going to come out around 2 or 3 dollars - she said No Deal. I was already pretty stressed being behind the register, but her tone of voice and attitude only made it worse. I finally had to get mom's attention to ask her what I needed to do because it was actually one of her belongings that was being sold. Long story longer - as she handed me her money and I began to count out her change she said, "We're in a recession, sweetie".
Go visit some starving children in Africa and then come back and talk with me about a recession.

Granted, i'm sure I could have reacted better and even been sweeter to this lady, but my goodness. We are so blessed, yet so greedy and ungrateful. I'm not saying that we aren't in a recession - there is proof that we are. All i'm saying is we don't have a clue what it truly means to barely be making it. We think we have it so hard, but we really don't.

I would have given the lady the stuff for free because there is such a reward in simply giving someone something without getting anything in return. It's love. Her motives, attitude, and tone of voice is what bothered me.

The truck in the picture above is my Papa's 1981 GMC. He came to check out the garage sale yesterday as we were setting up and I snuck out there and took a picture! After we finished up the sale today I printed it, bought a frame, and took it to his house and surprised him.

As I was walking into the store to get the frame I started thinking, I really should count my money in my wallet and think about how much the average frame cost... then I remembered my sweet friend from earlier.

It's not about the cost, it's not about how much money i'll have tomorrow... it's about loving others and giving. He will provide and meet all my needs. Sometimes we just need to step out and trust that when we are truly loving others He will still be there to provide for us. My heart was overwhelmed and excited! It truly is better to give than receive!

If you have time I encourage you to read Angie's post from earlier today! It's a good one!


Casie said...

im ready for the no soap ladies post! :) lol

The Roberts Family said...

Hey I am going to carthage tonight to a revival that John's Dad is doing...Jeremy can't go,and I was wondering if you wanted to ride with me. John will be there :).....anyway let me know or I'll call you later.

David Weaver said...

SO, how much money did you make? And did you eventually sell the item to the "customer?" The suspense is killing me!!:)

Rebecca said...

A good word...Preach on Sista!!!

Megan said...

Yes, I sold the item to her. Her purchase came to a total of a Dollar Fifteen - hence the title!

I didn't know if it was proper to post how much we made... but if you really want to know i'll tell ya Weaver.