Saturday, June 20, 2009

Peace in the Process

It's been a while since i've written about my alternative certification process. The last time I mentioned it on my blog I had sent everything in and received a phone call informing me of the date of my interview.

Monday, June 8th, I went in for my very first interview ever. I hadn't realized that i'd never actually had an interview until about 5 minutes before I was getting ready to go in. With everything that I have going on this summer I hadn't had time to stop and get nervous about this interview. Plus, i'm learning to let go and not worry. I'd like to think it's more of the latter and less of the busy-ness of my schedule.

As we were walking back (through what seemed like 5 million hallways and turns) the lady asked me if i was nervous about the interview. Well, no, actually... not until you mentioned it. I really and truly had not even thought about it. That's so unlike me. My personality is the kind that has to think through (or some call it - overanalyze) every little step and outcome. What am I going to say if they ask this? What happens if this happens? You know. It has to be a total God thing that I wasn't even able to go there because that's just how I tend to roll.

All that to say, I survived my interview, and before I was even able to get home I had received an email saying I was accepted into the program... Officially. Even though I said umm atleast 100 times.

On Friday of that same week I took the practice TExES exam. As horrible as it sounds I did nothing to prepare. I hung out with friends each night that week (which is another big step for me) and stayed up way too late. I didn't study. I had zero clue what the test was going to be like. Somehow I managed to make a 66 which i'm hoping is atleast a little good considering i've never had an education class and had zero preparation.

I can start applying for a teaching position, but cannot be officially hired until I pass this Exam. The test is scheduled for this Wednesday, June 24th. I really really really need to study. But ultimately I lay it all down and trust that His plan for my life will work out in His timing.

Today was Orientation. Honestly, I thought I was going to come home with my brain on overload because of all the information they were going to give us... but, once again, somehow I was able to understand and retain most of it. (This has been the most peaceful process that i've ever gone through... it brings tears to my eyes.)

So basically my summer lasts for the next 3 weeks then classes begin.

July 13th through the 31st i'll be traveling back n forth 5 days a week to attend class from 8:30 - 4:00. Along with those classes, we start online classes on July 6th and one Saturday out of each month we'll have to attend class at the Region 7 building. Are you keeping up with all of this? haha!

If I pass my test and find a job somewhere i'll have a mentor that I must observe for 6 hours, and also have to complete 30 hours of field based experience. But get this... all that substituting that i've been doing for the past semester counts for 15 of those hours. Can I get a Hallelujah?

A family friend is the summer camp director at the Boys N Girls Club this summer. A few months back I mentioned getting hired for the 7-8 year old teaching position. She told me after she gave me the job that they only hired people who would not be taking more than two weeks of vacation. Do you remember what I just told you two paragraphs up? Summer classes begin in July and last for three weeks. After I got accepted into the alternative certification program (the 2nd day of my B n G job) I had to go back and tell her the news. I felt terrible and was so afraid that she was going to be mad at me. I had prepared myself for the words, "we're just going to let you go and hire someone else since it's only the first week of the program." Thankfully, she didn't care at all (which is awesome because i'm going to need that extra cash to pay for my certification process).

God has proven faithful throughout this process and my soul has been at total peace. It still brings me to tears because He chose one of the most random situations to teach me who He is. Soveriegn and in control.

So I continue to not even let my mind venture and worry... He will open doors and everything will work out in His timing.

For fear of putting your brain on overload, i'll stop there and inform you when new things start to happen. I'm so glad you're apart of this process with me.

Thank you, Lord, for all that You are doing. You do work in the most mysterious of ways... please don't stop. May what you're doing in my life take root. I so desperately need it.

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