Monday, July 26, 2010

Travel With Us - Day 2

Each morning dad and I got up and ran about two miles on the beach which, might I add, is harder than one would think. There is no give, there is no bounce. It's literally like running on your heels, but it's wonderful; your legs feel so tight for the rest of the day. It would be an adjustment that I could get
use to!
After we got back from our morning jog, we had breakfast (in the camper) and then went for a walk around the campground and on the shore of the beach.I just think grannies hat is adorable. So adorable I almost went and bought one just to have my picture made in it. Can I be precious like her?Once we had our swim suits on we headed out to soak up some rays and enjoy the salt water. Casie and dad were the first to attempt to boogie.
I'm secretly scared of jelly fish and the undertow so I stayed pretty close to shore... along with mom
who tried with all her might to keep her hair dry.
That night we went downtown to the boardwalk on the beach.
Mom and I are trying to teach Casie how to pose in photographs. These are my favorites!
We ended up spending majority of our time on the pier. The pier where a young boy caught an 8 foot shark the night before, as well as an older man catching a baby shark the night we were there. Dad has a picture - i'll have to show you. I don't know about you, but I forget that sharks start out as babies. Seeing that tiny little baby shark in that man's hand was weird.
Here is the view from the Pier.
Come back tomorrow....

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