Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel With Us - Day 3

Monday was dad's birthday so after we had our morning run (err, jog) on the beach we came back and had a little celebration for him. The celebration consisted of telling him happy birthday, taking a family photo, and watching him open his gifts.
China did so well at looking at the camera that we laughed and had to take another. Yay for self-timers!
Here we are watching dad open his gifts. Notice China intently watching as well :).
This day was very similar to the previous day. We headed back out to the beach to relax! The weather was just perfect - the closer you were to the water, the cooler the air felt.
Dad and I stopping for a photo.
Casie listening to some tunes and enjoying the breeze.

I need to step in right here and say that I did get in the water and I did "boogie" on the board. Conquering fears is a big part of my life this summer so I overcame them and got out there. (really I just like to be dramatic and play things up real big - ha) Somehow, my familia forgot to capture that on camera.
The next few photos are just headshots that Casie and I took of each other.
Mom plans to scrapbook them in the future.
....totally miss that sunny relaxing beach.

Each day as we were leaving the beach we would rinse off at the indoor pool and jump in for a few minutes. No jelly fish or undertow to worry about there! We had supper this evening in the camper again and then watched some tv as it was raining. Tomorrow we spend our last day on the beach before we head North.

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Christina said...

Looks like fun. Man, I would love to have a day at the beach right about now. Arch is teething and it ain't pretty!