Monday, August 2, 2010

Making Progress

So I know that I said I wanted you to "travel with us through pictures" but I'm going to pause that for a second.... because this is my blog and i'm the boss :)

My first day back at school isn't technically until August the 11th, but it might as well have already begun because i'm up there everyday frantically trying to get my room the way I want/need it to be.

Here is my first glance into my new classroom.
Do you know where to begin? Because I stood there for about 3 days going, ummm...I'm all about decorating and organizing any space that I get to call "mine" so I had already thought through the lay out and sketched it on paper throughout the summer. When I got in the room I pretty much threw 3/4's of that plan out the window and started fresh.
I knew that I wanted my bookshelves and cubbies to look uniform so I decided to spray paint all of them black. Number one - spray paint is super quick. Number two - black looks so sharp.
From the very beginning my colors were going to be black, white, and red; Mavericks... and Megan's favorite color scheme :)
After about two weeks of thinking and moving and thinking and moving and almost breaking down into tears and praying... I finally figured out the layout for the fifty objects in my classroom.
And then we started to make huge visual progress - curtains and bulletin boards were covered.
Here is mom putting paper on my boards. She wouldn't let me up there. Something about i'm too short and I might fall.... whatevs.
Curtains - that my wonderful mother made for me.And here are two of my black bookshelves and cubbies after we painted them. Notice they are empty. Yeah.
With all that said, i'm so thankful that I can actually see proof that i've been in my room now. So much of it are little things here and there and you can't tell anything has been done. Tomorrow i'll spend majority of my day hanging the few posters that I call important and then going through that huge storage closet in the back..... that'll take a while.

Could you pray for this year? I want His presence and spirit to be in my classroom. Just as much for me as my students. And I can't possibly do this, any part of this whole teaching thing, without Him.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

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