Monday, August 23, 2010


Just in case you're wondering.....

Today went wonderful!!! :)

I can't express how thankful I am for all the many prayers my friends and family have sent up on my behalf. I prayed over each desk when I entered my classroom this morning and really I was pretty shocked at how calm I was going into the day. God is good!

When I left the building I still had a smile on my face. That says a lot for a first year teacher on her first day. And I say it again, God is so good!

I just hope more of these days revisit my classroom! haha!!

With all that said, I'm about to enter a very challenging year. I was on my feet all day and thought I was going to crash when I finally stopped going at 3:30. Your continued prayers are so much needed and appreciated!

Jesus, praise Your name! I speak Your name into my classroom - guard the doorway and fill the room with Your spirit. Thank You for a wonderful first day! Be my passion, love, and strength. Help me keep going on the days when I think I can't. You are good! And I trust that even though I may not see all that You are doing, You are working something through this year. Remind me of that continually... please. In Your specific, Holy, powerful name - Jesus.

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