Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It seemed like there were a lot of children at my dad's family Christmas this past weekend. We've reached the point where all the nieces/nephews (us) are beginning to have kids of their own. For so long it was just a bunch of teenagers and college-ers discussing the new beginning in their lives. Now it's marriage and babies; With the exception of Brandon, Casie, and I. We are the youngest family so we haven't joined in on the fun yet. :) One day, one day!

Here are some pictures of my precious family in Mississippi.

Samuel thoroughly enjoyed cracking pecans and eating them.

I finally got to meet Gracie Ann!

I already introduced you to Hannah...

Here she is waiting on her present.

Ash was super excited about exchanging gifts!

Carson was the very last child to get a present, but as you can see by the picture.... she waited oh so patiently! :)

Gracie huggin' her Mickey that she unwrapped.

Mom hung out with Trevor because he's so dang cute.

Casie and Macy enjoyed the beautiful weather!

And the kids played football with an LSU cup. Talk about improvising!

Don't let Macy fool you. She's girly, but she can hold her ground.

I wish we lived closer to these people, but since we don't I settle for facebook.

And amazingly, we've been able to keep in touch because of it!

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