Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How It Has Been

It seems like I can only keep this thing up to date when i'm home for the holidays. There have been many things that have happened these past few months that i've thought 'I need to blog about that' but there just hasn't been the time. Hopefully this post will get you up to date on a few things in our household.

Mom and I were asked to provide entertainment (by singing) at our work Christmas party two weeks ago. We sang When Love Came Down by Point of Grace and I don't think i've ever been more nervous in my life. I've sang in many different places for many different faces, but I've never had to sing for my fellow employees who were sitting approximately 5 inches away from my microphone. You don't think about the little things - like being on a stage a good distance away from your observers, or having bright lights in your eyes so that you can't see the blank stares people give you while you're singing. It was different than any other place i've had to sing. But it went well!

Friday was early-release for the schools and Christmas break officially began. It was at that moment that I realized Christmas was 7 days away and I had yet to purchase anything. Where did the time stinkin' go?

We spent this past weekend in Mississippi with my dad's side of the family and it was so much fun! Facebook has brought us closer than you'd ever expect. We Texans are able to communicate and keep up to date with what's going on in our cousins/aunts/uncles lives all the way over in Mississippi. For shy people like me it's helped to break the ice a little. In an odd way, i'm so very thankful for facebook. Never thought i'd say that. (Pictured above is precious Hannah Bear - is she not cute)

Brandon was not able to make the trip with us this year because he is a manager at Sears now. I don't think i've made that announcement yet. Yay Brother! He is absolutely thrilled and seems to be enjoying what he's doing. He is suppose to get into town on Christmas Eve and spend Christmas day with us here at home. It'll be so good to spend time with him!

Two of my childhood friends are engaged to be married this summer (2010) and it so doesn't seem right. Erin won some kind of contest where her and her bridesmaids got make-overs. We did that today and it wasn't as bad as I expected. The last time someone else applied make-up to my face I felt like I had ten layers of cake icing on my skin and wanted to wash it off immediately. Thankfully that was not the case today.

The lady was trying so very hard to get me into black eye-shadow and red lipstick. Apparently I have the hair, eyes, and skin color to pull it off. I did not give in..... aren't we all glad.

Although, I did come away with the knowledge that I have an oval face, hooded eye-lids, and medium lips. Red lipstick is so bold and so not in. And my name is Megan Kilgore.

Casie and I managed to get all of our Christmas shopping done this afternoon (along with everyone else in East Texas) and now we will spend the evening wrapping presents. Mom and I had to make a trip to the store tonight for some last minute grocery items and while we were out it started to sprinkle. She got her hair done today so she pulled out her umbrella and exclaimed, "I can't mess up my pretty hair!" I told her if she really wanted to show it off she just needed to go to Walmart because half of the town was there. But what's really funny is what happened 10 seconds later...

... Not sure that umbrella's gonna do you much good. But good try.

My kindergarten language is starting to show up in every area of my life. My poor sister has to put up with it the most. Enjoy our video!! I got bored on the car ride home - Just decided to turn on the camera to see what would happen.

Megan: "What are you readin' Casie?"
Casie: "Leave me alone"
Megan: "That is not kind. Those are not kind words coming out of your mouth."

I love you all and hope you have a very merry Christmas with your family!

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Mom said...

I was sitting alone upstairs rolling laughing at this when I realized I am laughing at my self, I couldn't stop, I think I woke your Dad up downstairs.

Love you,