Thursday, December 31, 2009

Glance Back

As the new year approaches I am reminded of where I was a year ago today; Some of you may remember my Not So Happy New Year post from last year. This past week I got to thinking about all that has occurred over the past few months (or, well, entire year) and everything the Lord has done in my life. Instead of feelings of regret, disappointment, and anxiety I stood in amazement and praise because of who He is.

This has been an amazing year!!!

It wasn't an easy year. And it wasn't pain free - gosh no. But the Lord set me free on so many levels and that's why it was a good year.

There were so many times when I was unsure - but He strengthened my faith. He showed me that when I don't have a clue, He does. When life feels out of control, He's still in control. When you make mistakes, He still provides ways.

Here are some of the moments that stick out for 2009 -

He brought me through college.
He carried me through graduation. And He comforted me there.
He lead me to my first job.
He opened doors for certification. Talk about second chances.
He set me free on an afternoon in July when I had been in chains for over a year. He set me free.... not me.
He helped me pass my test in September (the second time around). I'll never forget what He taught me the first time around.
He showed me what it meant to have JOY.
He answered prayers I'd been praying for years.

So I enter this evening and new year with thanks. And I personally thank everyone who prayed for me over the past year.

And I cannot thank You enough God. There are times when I let my pride get in the way of all that You want to do in my life, but I thank You for being patient and continuing to pursue. Please, continue despite what my flesh may say at times. I praise You for all that You have taught me this past year. Yeah, You've taught me a lot of things here on Earth, but most of all You've shown me who You are. That I can trust You when everything else seems shaky. That what the enemy meant for harm, You use for my good. You do have plans for me - and carry them out right before my eyes even when I don't recognize it as such. You are sovereign. You are love. And You can be trusted.... if we just let go. Once again, I can't thank You enough and I beg You to continue... in the coming year. I long for intimacy - to truly believe what You've layed on my heart the past few months. And I know that it's possible because You are God. I wait patiently for You and all that You have promised for me. I want to love You more in 2010.

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Mom said...

It has been Amazing to watch the Lord work in your life this year too. Keep on allowing Him to use you in all areas of your life. I know he has great things in store for you! I love You,